Letters, Saturday, May 18, 2013

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Working to help the town shine

CONGRATULATIONS to Seaham’s new Durham County Councillors and thank you to all those residents who voted Conservative on May 2.

 As part of our campaign we delivered hundreds of surveys and talked to residents about their priorities for the Seaham Division.

 There is no doubt that like us, people are proud to live here and are excited by the ongoing regeneration which is transforming Seaham and Seaton into a visitor destination.

 While residents had a variety of issues, from anger at the money wasted by Labour on the seafront speedhumps to a desire for a continued Conservative freeze in council tax bills, the number one priority for residents, regardless of politics, is a desire to see the town and seafront cleaned up.

 The clear message was that our politicians should tackle dog fouling, graffiti, rubbish on our beaches and unpainted lamposts if we want people not just to visit, but keep coming back and spending their money here.

 We agree. If we are to compete with neighbouring resorts, we need to see Seaham and Seaton managed and maintained so that the millions spent on regeneration aren’t wasted.

 The future for Seaham and Seaton is a bright one.

 As Conservatives we will work to make sure our communities shine.

Margaret Reid and Derick Dixon,

City of Durham and Easington Conservative Association

Equal pay claims

OF all the threats to the finances of Sunderland Council, it could be that the biggest is one of their own creation, namely the equal pay cases being settled.

 Having spent £1million of taxpayers’ money on a failed legal bid to challenge the claims, the council now faces payments, which could amount to tens of millions of pounds. Citing a broad view of confidentiality, questions about the cost have been kept quiet, unlike in Birmingham where it is public knowledge that the council faces a bill of £757million.

 There, the council plans to borrow £429million but has failed to get Government approval for the remainder to compensate employees who were underpaid contrary to the 1970 Equal Pay Act.

 Settling the equal pay claims could have a significant impact on the finances of Sunderland Council, so it is essential that the process is as open as possible, notwithstanding any confidentiality agreements.

Councillor Robert Oliver,
Leader Conservative

Council Group

Investing what?

HOW is it possible for Mr Tony Singh, who made 20 employees of the Queen Vic redundant in February of this year, claiming that he was insolvent, now make the statement “I am willing to put the money in”?

 The Government has been left to pick up the tab for the redundancy while he can move into new ventures.

Kathy Douglass

Check numbers

JUST for the record...

 From 1964 to 1979 under the Wilson/Callaghan administration 362 pits were closed. From 1979 to 1990 under Mrs Thatcher 154 pits were closed.

W Kirtley,

East Boldon

Lost earring

OUT and about in Sunderland city centre on Saturday, May 11, I lost a gold hoop earring.

 I’m hoping someone might have found it and, if I’m lucky enough, they will return it to me.

 I can be contacted on 0191 5653 578

Mrs J Fowler,


Thanks for help

I WOULD like to thank the two kind gentlemen who came to my aid when my car broke down near the Hastings Hill pub, in Sunderland, on Thursday.

 I would also like to thank Paul, from our local garage in Ryhope, for coming along to sort it out.

D Mitchie