Letters, Saturday, May 11, 2013

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Thatcher not to blame for demise

I FOUND it so gratifying that someone actually read my letter about the disrespect shown to Lady Thatcher’s memory, so I would like to thank Ged Taylor for his response of April 30.

 How I regret missing Ged’s glimpse of Lady Thatcher and the jackbooted henchmen dancing their way through the pits, but Geoffrey Howe in Jackboots? I ask you, Ged.

 Ged seems to believe that Thatcher and the Conservatives killed the mining industry when neither she nor they were responsible. Labour’s Wilson and Callaghan closed 303 mines with a loss of 234,000 jobs, while Margaret Thatcher was in power, 150 mines closed with a loss of 186,000 jobs.

 The loss of any job is, of course, a tragedy and it is easy to be swept along by political dogma, but we must not place the blame at the wrong doorstep.

 Even before the Thatcher era, in believing that they could run the country, trade unions had become a grotesque misrepresentation of their purpose and some leaders set about persuading their members that they could indeed do just that.

 As I wrote previously, Scargill, a vain man, picked an unwinnable fight with a cash-strapped Britain. and the miners became the victims.

 It is all history now but to return to lady Thatcher’s funeral – she was accorded due respect by the majority of people. It does irk me to see her compared with Hitler, simply for the want of a little research. I’ll put it down to poetic licence, Ged.

 As for the Billy Elliott jibe – if he doesn’t mind it’s OK with me too.

Denis Gillon,

Not all sack cloth

THE Sunderland marathon was a big mess according to the anonymous letter on May 3.

 Some people are never happy. Any event that raises the profile, and encourages people to come to Sunderland should be applauded.

 This person said they couldn’t get to their place of worship because of the marathon.

 What is it about religious people. They seem to dislike anyone having a good time. They have the look of someone who’s lost a pound and found a shilling.

 Life’s not all sack cloth and ashes. So even if you can’t bring yourself to support these events, let’s try not to condemn them.

Ged Taylor


TV licence a must

IN response to your reader Mr Rebel (Echo, March 4), I wanted to clarify when a TV Licence is needed.

 You need a TV Licence if you are watching programmes at the same time as they are shown on TV. This is the case regardless of what channel you are watching, how you receive those programmes or your personal opinion.

 Anyone found watching TV programmes without a valid licence risks prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000.

 For more information and advice, visit www.tvlicensing.co.uk or ring 0300 790 6071.

Lucy Baird,

TV Licensing, North

It’s an act of war

SO Israel bombed Syria. An act of war in anybody’s book, but Israel will get away with it, with Uncle Sam smiling on.

 Of course, Israel has the atomic bomb, and Syria has not, which gives Israel even more scope for impunity.

 Incidentally, why has no western politician ever alluded to the fact that Israel has the bomb?

 I know that Mordechai Vanunu got 18 years solitary for so doing, but surely our gallant politicos are not afraid of the same fate.

B McGill,

South Bents