Letters, Saturday, March 9, 2013

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Time to arrest cycle path yobs

FOR many years I’ve enjoyed getting out and about on my bike.

 Sunderland and the surrounding areas have some magnificent cycle routes and breathtaking scenery.

 Every Sunday morning me, Big Gordy, Little Al, Dave the Bike, Flash, Fatty Charlton and Stibbsy would meet at the Willow Pond then head off on our journey.

 Sadly, the conversation would not be about the journey or the scenery. Whether we were on the cycle paths of Seaburn, South Hylton, Ryhope or Silksworth, the conversation was always about owners who let their dogs off their leads and stand by as they defecate all over our cycle paths.

 And joining these, is the anti-social behaviour of the kids who congregate at every underpass, smashing their Lambrini bottles after guzzling the contents.

 It’s about time the council and police patrolled these aforementioned places and arrested and fined these people.

Ged Taylor,


Council officers should be named

WHEN I read comments posted on the Echo website, I am given the impression that everything that is wrong in this city is due to the councillors alone.

 Yes, they are not perfect, but have these posters ever considered the part the anonymous council officers on their £40K-plus salaries have played in the demise of our once-proud city?

 Look at the amount of meetings they have, the hidden decisions they make and the lives they affect, but do we know who they are? Did we appoint them and more importantly, are they democratic?

 The demise of the city would suggest that they, the officers, have fiddled while Sunderland has burned.

 Yes, there are some good people who care and do a good job, but unfortunately too many are looking after themselves and their pensions once they reach a certain level of responsibility.

 These are the people who write the reports, make the recommendations, then hope the councillors won’t notice that what they reported to cabinet never got delivered.

 So, officers, if you have so much power, hang your heads in shame as you are doing a disservice to the councillors and the taxpayers of this once-great city.

 The council should have to name the people involved in each report and their job title so we the taxpayers can complain to the councillors that the unaccountable officers are doing a bad job.

George Craig,


Perfect time to think of adopting

BARNARDO’S North East is urging people living on Wearside who may be considering adopting to take the first step towards providing a loving home for a child around Mother’s Day.

 Just over 3,450 children were placed with families for adoption last year in England, with 67,000 children across the country in local authority care.  

 Many of those children are still in desperate need of an adoptive family or foster home.

 We hope that around Mother’s Day, a national landmark for remembering and appreciating the mothering role, more people will be urged to pick up the phone and take that first step towards adoption.

 There are thousands of children out there who are looking for a mum and are desperate to become part of a loving family.

 The time around Mother’s Day, when we’re all thinking about the importance of family, is the perfect time to take that first step.

 To all the people living on Wearside who may have thought about adoption, we encourage them to take that first step and get in touch with us.

 Barnardo’s has over 100 years’ experience in successfully placing children with adoptive families and our adoptive parents come from a variety of backgrounds.  

 They can be single, married or in a stable relationship.  

 Barnardo’s will be happy to talk to anyone who feels they can offer a child a stable, caring and safe home.

 We are particularly looking for people who can care for sibling groups, black and minority ethnic children, disabled children and those with challenging behaviour.

 For more information or for an informal chat, call Barnardo’s Adoption and Fostering North East on 0191 492 9000 or go to www.barnardos.org.uk/adoption

Julie McVeigh, Assistant Director, Barnardo’s North East

Many thanks

I WOULD like to thank all the people who helped me after I had a fall on Tuesday afternoon in Fawcett Street, especially the young nurse and her friend who stopped and comforted me until the paramedics arrived, also the lady who phoned for the ambulance. We are only sorry we didn’t get any of their names.

Thank you again.

Mr and Mrs Mills