Letters, Saturday, March 30, 2013

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My vision for a better city centre

I AGREE with Miss J Redford’s letter (March 15) regarding the state of Sunderland.

 The number of Sunderland people who shop in Newcastle now is more than ever, and one of the largest stores in Eldon Square even sells the Sunderland Echo.

 Our dingy railway station without toilets is a joke for a so-called city.

 I would like the council to consider building a new railway station opposite the war memorial and Mowbray Park. The platforms would be at road level and the entrance would be where the plaque is on the wall marking the old Penshaw to Sunderland Station in Burdon Road which closed in 1897. This could be linked up to a new glass covered Park Lane bus station.

 I would convert the Civic Centre into a much-needed central hotel and build the new Civic Centre on the Vaux site or in Crowtree Road after the Crowtree Leisure Centre is demolished.

 I would like the one way road traffic system scrapped as it is a nightmare for visitors and locals.

Name withheld

Donate old bras

WE now have a clothes bank in the Bon Marché store for donations of unwanted bras, which are recycled to Third World countries.

 It is hoped this will encourage customers to recycle their old bras and help someone in another country.

 And I am hoping our customers will get on board and support us. In this way we are helping to support www.againstbreastcancer.org.uk.

 Many thanks to all of the people of Sunderland in advance.

Rita Richardson,

Bon Marché, Sunderland

Learning is key

LEARNING First is a North East-based charity providing quality education and training for adults with learning disabilities. By inspiring our learners, supporting people and achieving success for all, Learning First has become the region’s key provider, including Sunderland, of choice for training and education.

 In a recent inspection the charity and its outreach centre achieved a Grade 2 (good) across the board, including the quality of teaching and learning as well as leadership and direction.

 As a registered charity we see education as a joint venture involving students, parents, carers and the wider community. The charity offers a range of courses including gardening, woodwork, drama, arts and crafts in addition to cookery and computers.

 If anyone is interested in beginning a course, we can be contacted on 286 0077 or visit our website on www.learningfirst.org.uk.

Stephen Lambert,

Public Relations Officer

A Hollywood great

SENTA Berger was born on Tuesday, May 13, 1941, in Vienna, Austria.

 She’s appeared in films and television including The Journey, The Secret Ways, Cast a Giant Shadow, The Quiller Memorandum, The Spy With My Face, The Scarlet Letter, Nest of Vipers, The Man From UNCLE, Lamorte, Major Dundee, Cross of Iron and The Ambushers.

 Senta is married to director and producer Michael Verhoeven.

 She mixed with such great artists as Robert Vaughan, David McCallum, Frank Sinatra, Richard Widmark, Dean Martin, John Wayne, Yul Brynner, Kirk Douglas, Angie Dickinson, Richard Harris, Alec Guinness and Tony Randall.

 I won’t forget the world’s original beautiful Hollywood and television actress icon who is the lovely Senta Berger.

Terry Christie,

East Herrington