Letters, Saturday, March 19th, 2011

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If something’s legal, it’s ethical

BOB Stothard states that I must say if it is ethical for Sir Philip Green to avoid paying excessive tax here by having a residence elsewhere.

If it’s legal, it’s ethical – exactly like pubs are legal yet opium dens are not. I can’t see any moral difference between selling alcohol or opium or the fact, I believe, Niall Quinn and his Irish group bought the football club for £10million then shortly after sold it on to its present owner for £3 million or, I presume, when Nissan sends its profits to its parent company in Japan. That’s how business operates.

Mr Stothard also says it’s his contention that the State invests in its young, but you can only spend on university education by depriving that money from primary education. It’s my contention that every penny of the education budget would be of more benefit being spent on schools rather than universities.

If an infant suffered malnutrition it can develop into a condition like bow legs and no matter how many balanced meals or vitamin pills it has as an adult, it won’t straighten out the bow legs of malnutrition in infancy and that sort of thing will also happen to a child’s intellectual growth too if it fails to get a good schooling.

I know less of Ralph Miliband. Mr Stothard says he was Belgian. Well, both Belgium and Holland claimed to be neutral during the war. Their neutrality was a factor in the Dunkirk setback.

This country went to war when Germany invaded Poland but Germany only invaded the west of Poland. The east of Poland was invaded by Russia in an act of collaboration with Germany. The Russians, in fact, had a slightly bigger portion of Poland than did Germany and I think the Russians have still got a portion of what was once part of Poland. Can Mr Stothard, being an expert in morality, explain why we did not declare war against Russia as well as Germany?

Mr Stothard also says he holds no brief for the Labour Party. In that we are in accord for I have voted against the Labour Party for over 50 years now.

My own political views are of the Little Englander variety. I think we suffer from far too many external entanglements and it’s time we started a bit of political pruning, starting with Scotland and Brussels. When that happens it will be the dawn of a new golden age for England.

J. Young, Alexander Terrace, Fulwell, Sunderland

Save – and spend

I RECENTLY received through my letterbox a newsletter from the Barnes Conservatives. In it, my local Conservative councillors seem to be offering me a five per cent discount on my 2011/2012 council tax bill.

I couldn’t get to sleep the other night with excitement, wondering what I would spend the savings on. Luckily for me, the next morning I remembered I had to fill my car up with £1.40 per litre diesel, so that I could drive down and speak to my bank manager about ways of paying for my daughter’s future university fees.

I would therefore just like to thank Lee, Tony and the joint efforts of the Conservative Party and their Liberal Democrat buddies for helping me out of that one. I hate having all that money burning a hole in my pocket.

Chris Johnson, Barnes, Sunderland

Fame at last

RECENTLY people have been writing in about which letters should or shouldn’t be published.

Some say you should ban Mick “The Pen” and other grumpy old men, but surely the Letters Page is a forum where anyone is entitled to express their views on any issue?

I like the idea that the editor has a team of elves in his grotto who write the letters themselves, but I know this can’t be true because I’m a real person – or I was the last time I looked in the mirror.

There are three main groups who write to newspapers: inadequate loners, the barking mad and Conservative councillors. You cheeky wags out there might spot the link.

But there is a fourth group, the one I belong to – the failed writer. I have taken creative writing courses, and how much money have I earned? Not one penny. I have a manuscript at the bottom of my wardrobe which is clearly the greatest novel of the 21st century, but are any publishers interested? No, they only want books that make money, the Philistines.

I once sent a play to BBC Radio and it was returned with a rejection slip the next day. I even suffered the humiliation of being turned down by Reader’s Digest, but at least I’ve had a letter in the Echo. I shall not die forgotten.

W. Crane, Langley Close, Oxclose, Washington

Thanks to clinic

I WOULD like to express my thanks for all the help and support I have received from everyone at the Falling Clinic at The Galleries, Washington.

Also a special thanks to Steve and Graham, the ambulance drivers who picked me up for my appointments.

I am truly grateful for everyone’s help. God bless you all.

V. Kennedy

Penning tripe

WHY does Mick Brown call himself The Pen when, actually, he is a tripe writer?

G. Westgarth, Aged Miners’ Homes, Four Lane Ends, Hetton