Letters, Saturday, March 16, 2013

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Paypoint is a nice little earner ...

THE BBC invites customers to pay their TV licence at Paypoint retailers, but on the licence there is no mention of a Paypoint fee, on top of the licence.

 I have just visited two Paypoint shops located on high-density housing estates and offered a bank debit card to pay the £145 the BBC demands.

 At the first Paypoint, my card was rejected and the retailer asked me to use the in store cash dispenser at a cost of £1.87.

 Not keen on this, I declined and tried a second Paypoint, where the retailer was happy to process my card at a cost of £1.

 I’m was not happy at this. There is no mention of a Paypoint payment fee on the licence renewal, so I declined.

 On contacting Paypoint direct, it was confirmed that no fee is required for a debit card payment for a TV licence and the retailers are making a mistake.

 Nice little earner, as Arthur Daley would say!

G White,


Funny old game ...

REGARDING your photo on the back page of Monday’s Echo.

 The two of them look like they do not know what a football is.

 One is scratching his head and the other is looks like he has never seen a football before and is trying to work out what to do with it.

J. Ferguson.

No libraries in Post Offices

THE questionnaire about the future of the Sunderland libraries says: “We are considering offering library services which may include the following: Community centres, health centres, post offices.”

 Please do not give me a mini-library at one of the above places.

 A few months ago I called at the post office in Fawcett Street for a postcode in Sunderland.  

 “Sorry, we can’t help you. We do not have the facilities to keep postcode books.”

 I went to the help desk at the city library across the road to be given the information I needed.

John Watson,


Actor’s appeal for epilepsy charity

I WAS diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 19 and it affected my life, my career, everything.

 It took away my confidence because I never knew where a seizure would happen or who I’d be with.

 March 26 is International Purple Day when people all around the world will be helping to raise awareness of epilepsy.

 I’d like to ask your readers to help Young Epilepsy by making a Purple Day promise and raising funds to support the 112,000 children and young people with epilepsy in the UK.

 There are lots of things you can do, from purple clothes day to a purple bake sale or a purple plod. Even a purple ‘plunge’ abseil!

 For a fundraising pack filled with tips and ideas, visit youngepilepsy.org.uk, or call 01342 831245.

Philip Martin Brown

(Grantly Budgen from BBC Waterloo Road)

If a job is worth doing ...

DEREK Robe asks: “If the police come out on strike will ex-pitmen be justified in charging at them and hitting them with big sticks,” (Sunderland Echo, March 12).  

 I would say no, because the ex-pitmen do not have wads of cash to flash in the faces of the cops like they did to the miners.

 So no. If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right.

Mr R Tomlinson,