Letters, Saturday, June 8, 2013

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Battle to regain Blue Flag status

SUNDERLAND beaches have been stripped of their coveted Blue Flag status (Echo, May 22) and Sunderland Council has published its Coastal Code, which highlights no-dog zones on the beaches of Seaburn and Roker.

 The code states it is an offence (Fouling Land Act 1996) for anyone in charge of a dog to fail to clean up after it. The code also prohibits dogs on the beaches at Seaburn and Roker between May 1 and September 30.

 Until March, on Roker beach, between the Ravine Park access and North Roker pier, there were ‘No dogs on beach’ signs between these dates.

 Last month, I noticed the signs were missing and the pavements were covered in dog mess.

 On asking Sunderland Council where the dog exclusion signs were, it responded that due to vandalism – which the police have been informed of, but have been unable to catch the culprit – the signs were removed.

 The signs are due to be replaced, however, if this vandalism and sign removal continues, Sunderland may not regain its Blue Flag status in four years time.

G White,


The ultimate irony

LAST week it was suggested in at least one national newspaper that the ultimate jet-setter and unabashed champagne socialist, Tony Blair, was in line to head an ambitious economic policy in Israel.

 In short, he could oversee a ‘modernisation’ of the country’s economic infrastructure to grow its financial output by up to 50 per cent.

 The ultimate irony; much of that will be achieved with investment in – I understand – agriculture, harnessing natural resources (eg mining) and home building – presumably affordable housing.

 What a pity he never saw fit to build his own New Labour mantra on such rigid but solid foundations.

 Instead, he relied on big city profits, a housing bubble fed by unsustainable cheap borrowing and a demand which outstripped new builds.

 Arrogantly, modern Britain thought university and our service providing industries could fulfil all our employment requirements.

 Perhaps a few home truths have finally dawned on our former PM, having now seemingly spent as much time in the desert as Laurence of Arabia.

G Engel,

High Barnes

Good riddance

SO Titus Bramble, released by Paolo Di Canio (he should have gone ages ago), has publicly criticised SAFC’s Italian manager, saying that he “has a lot to learn”.

 Oh, the irony of someone as regularly unprofessional as Bramble, who was arrested on suspicion of rape at a Newcastle hotel in September 2010 (his brother Tesfaye was convicted on this occasion), telling another person that they have a lot to learn.

 Bramble typifies the type of uncaring modern day footballer that Di Canio will not tolerate (reference Phil Bardsley being covered in £50 notes in the early hours of the morning, after PDC had been asking for a more professional attitude) and who hard working supporters, who put a lot of time, effort and money into following their clubs, despise.

 Good riddance, Titus, you overweight fraud.


Look behind mask

IT was amusing to read UKIP candidate Richard Elvins letter (June 6) stating UKIP is here to stay so get used to it.

 Richard states UKIP is a legitimate party and will have to be taken seriously.

  I agree the two main parties are spent and not deserving of a vote but I’m afraid UKIP is not the answer. UKIP hierarchy are all ex-conservatives, who were deemed to right wing for their party.

 They appeal to the lowest common denominator by making immigration their main policy. As much as it is an issue, along with Europe, its other policies have an insidious look about them. These policies are never mentioned as they are all about taking away rights of the working people.

 The ex-merchant banker, Nigel Farage, comes across as an affable bloke and it is easy to see why he appeals to ordinary people.

 But look behind the mask, Nigel makes David Cameron look more left wing than Karl Marx.

 And no, Richard, not the one who plays the piano in the Marx Brothers.

Ged Taylor,