Letters, Saturday, June 7, 2014

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Help town raise cash for soldier

THE statue of the soldier along the Seaham front, down at Seaham Harbour, is absolutely fantastic.

It’s well worth going to see it because photos don’t show the true picture of this artist’s work.

The face on the soldier tells the picture itself, the sorrow and the heartache of what the men and the people went through during the war.

If you look at the actual artistry of his gun and boots, right down to the laces – it’s worth anybody going down to look at it, or even touch it.

I know a couple of shops in Church Street have been on about setting up a collection to try to buy the statue to keep it.

I am 100 per cent behind them and I’m willing to work with anyone who wants to start up the collection to buy the statue and keep it.

It’s not only for Seaham but for all of Murton and anywhere that was affected by the war.

So I’d like to say to everyone in Seaham, Murton and the surrounding areas, put your hands in your pockets and let’s start a collection and buy this fantastic work of art.

Alice Naylor,

Retired councillor of Murton

A great attraction

WHAT’S the betting that Seaham attracts more visitors to its 1101 Tommy, and its George Elmy (restored lifeboat), than Sunderland will attract to its “to Germany landmark sign”, and proposed keel line and propellor?

Seaham two – Sunderland nil.

R Tomlinson,


Artists on show

THERE have been letters printed in the Echo enquiring why the art exhibition that was always displayed in the foyer of the Central Library, Fawcett Street, Sunderland, for the amateur artists of Sunderland are no longer being displayed.

The answer to that question is that there has been refurbishment work going on at the library so there will be no work exhibited.

So I have arranged for five art groups to exhibit their work at The Bridges.

The art groups taking part are: Silksworth Art Group, Pallion Art Group, Fulwell Art Group, Jubilee Water Colour and Sunderland Art Group, who together, will be putting on an exhibition from June 12 to 15.

Sylvia Hurst,

Silksworth Art Group,

Thorney Close

Excellent councillor

IN reply to G Liddle’s letter (June 2), I agree not all councillors are alike.

While on the subject, I feel I must mention one councillor in particular, Rosalind Copeland, who is an excellent councillor.

She is very active in her ward, trying to get things done and going that extra mile for her constituents.

I have great respect for her. She is the best.

Mary Mitchell,