Letters, Saturday, June 4th, 2011

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Be proud of this care service

I READ with interest your article about Sunderland Telecare Service being accredited by the TSA Code of Practice.

The TSA commented that the service provides “high quality care and support services to thousands of vulnerable people living across Sunderland”.

Over the past few days, my frail father has been on the receiving end of this excellent service. The people that attend to my father, during the day and overnight, are caring, hard working and super-efficient.

Further, Telecare staff wear smart, practical uniforms which make them instantly recognisable as people that take their work seriously and are employed by a quality organisation.

Together with the medical professionals attending to my father, the experience has highlighted to me how social services and the NHS working in harmony can provide an utterly patient-focused and humane service for poorly people who prefer to be in their home environment rather than in a hospital.

It is not just front-line staff who deserve praise. Delivering a consistently high level of service is down to visionary leadership, commitment to the cause and hard work by management and back-office staff too.

Although originally from Sunderland, I now live in Westminster. The high level of service delivered by Sunderland Council is not delivered in other parts of the country. Thus Wearsiders should be proud of the innovative service provided by Telecare. The organisation deserves every plaudit. Well done.

Kim Crosby, Westminster, London

Scotland’s future

WHAT’S going to happen to the Union if the Scots gain independence? What will happen to the Union flag if all the blue bits disappear?

For years Ulster Unionists fought and killed their fellow countrymen to remain part of the UK. The Conservative and Unionist Party is pledged to hold the UK together. Will they all march on Edinburgh if the Scots declare UDI?

Some of the SNP want a tartan republic, but when Mr Salmond met Prince Charles at Balmoral for a cosy chat and a whisky, the First Minister assured him he wanted to retain the monarchy. But Prince Charles is no Bonnie Prince Charlie.

If Scots want a King, surely it’s only logical they choose the Duke of Bavaria, who is the Stuart claimant to the crown.

Mr Salmond says he doesn’t want a Hadrian’s Wall along the border. Did he do history at school? The Wall didn’t run along the River Tweed, and contrary to what Look North always says, it wasn’t built to stop the English and Scots from fighting each other. The English were living in Germany at the time, and the Scots in Northern Ireland.

No, if the Scots want independence, let them have it. We can have double summer time here without worrying about Shetland farmers getting up in the dark.

There’ll always be a Scotland – so long as it has the support of the English taxpayer.

H. Whipple, Coach Road Estate, Washington

Special thanks

ON behalf of brothers In Arms, we would like to thank the following for donating prizes for the raffle in the Gunners Club:

Sunderland AFC, Mr Les Hughes, Anonymous (Mr Gibb), Martin from Sweet Home Alabama, Mr R Rawson, Mr K Pybus, Mr A Beattie, The Dragon (Pat), Alex and Deb from the Gunners Club, Mr R Usher JNR, Mr H Peart, Mrs S Routledge, Val from the Reserve Club, The Committee of the National Reserve Club, The Committee of The Royal Artillery Club and everybody else who bought the tickets. Also thanks to Brenda from Go North East, The City Arts Shop, Sandra from The Card Stall Jackie Whites Market.

The winning numbers were: Green 911-915; Orange 916-920; Yellow 21-25; White 146-150; Green 756-760; White 541-545; Orange 351-355; White 96-100; White 626-630; Yellow 611-615; Orange 946-950; Yellow 891-895; Green 326-330; White 251-255; Yellow 646-650; Green 221-225; White 986-990; Orange 601-605; Green 246-250; Blue 61-65; Green 271-275; Yellow 226-230.

Any winners with queries can contact Bobby Usher on 07786 580043.

Serial numbers for any winning tickets will be checked.

Thanks to you all.

Bob Usher and Micky Bruce

Trees ‘vandalism’

SUNDERLAND councils of recent years are well known for their cultural vandalism, but I never thought their latest crass act would reduce me to despair.

The philistine idiots who gave permission to chop down the row of small trees in Mowbray Park should hang their heads in shame.

Andrew Robson, Felstead Crescent, Sunderland