Letters, Saturday, June 28, 2014

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Green fields are being destroyed

SO Sunderland and South Tyneside Councils are to build a new industrial park the size of 140 football pitches near Nissan.

I just hope people will realise this will involve the destruction of all the fields, greenery and loss of habitat to wildlife. Once green pleasant fields and views will be lost forever to be replaced by ugly grey factories – surely there are brown fields to build on?

This council seems hell bent on building on every bit of green land it has. Soon there will be nothing left, with no green space left to enjoy for anyone.

Carl O’Halloran,


Suarez obsession

WHAT is it with England’s obsession with Luis Suarez.

No other country cares except maybe Italy, and that’s because Suarez should have been sent off and Italy would have progressed to the next round.

Granted, Suarez deserves a ban, but the way the press and TV have reported it you would think he’s the devil incarnate.

Let’s get some perspective here, Dylan Hartley, the English rugby player, was banned for six months for eye gouging, he was also banned for punching an opponent and abusing a referee. He was also banned for eight weeks for biting an opponent – yes biting – and he’s still playing for England. No one seems to care about Dylan.

Hating Suarez won’t make England’s abysmal World Cup any better.

Ged Taylor,


A total disaster

I AGREE with Lesley Aitch (letters, June 11) that our policy on immigration is a disaster.

Brought in under a Tory administration, the Maastricht Treaty 1992 provided for a ‘single market for the free movement of capital, goods, services and people’ (labour).

Apparently, even Thatcher didn’t want to sign it. How could such a policy have worked considering the vast disparities of wealth between member countries?

Euan Tipe

Inspired a nation

UNTIL I read the letter from Mr Whipple, I’d no idea Lady Soames had died. As Mary Churchill she was a Junior Commander on a gun-site in Hyde Park.

How wrong he is about Churchill’s help in the war effort.

Some of the cabinet were ready to sign a treaty with Germany, but Churchill would have none of it, and gave an inspiring speech to the nation when he was due to speak – always on a Sunday evening – a time when most people listened.

Even some churches altered the time of their evening services so people could listen. He really inspired the nation. None of our lives would be the same without the hope he gave us.

The cabinet was made up of three parties, and it was the Liberals who came up with the idea of the Health Service and family allowances.

Kathleen Williamson,