Letters, Saturday, June 22, 2013

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Concert experience was truly shocking

I DON’T usually complain but after last night feel I have to.

 For some reason a large number of people attending the Rihanna concert last night seemed to very, very drunk, some to the extent that they couldn’t stand up properly – and that was before the concert started.

 There were several fights – even two girls were laying into each other and two men next to us were arrested – and removed with some difficulty. It was upsetting for the children next to us. Worst of all, a man began arguing with his girlfriend and then started punching her face and banging her head off the wall.

 Then there was the man that scaled the big tower and caused mayhem by refusing to come down.

 The toilet situation was disgraceful – I had to queue 30 minutes the first time and 25 the next. There were not enough toilets for the number of people there – women were using the men’s toilets. The state of them were appalling, blocked with bottles and dirty toilet roll everywhere. There were girls using urinals and one girl saw another urinating in the stadium next to the turnstiles.

 The Stadium of Light should not be allowed to host concerts if they can’t provide adequate toilet facilities. It was an absolute disgrace.

 Rihanna was also average. She did not interacting with the audience. David Guetta was amazing though.

 I will never return to Sunderland again for a concert. It was truly shocking.


Unfair to residents

I’M dismayed the so-called Hoppings-style funfair is taking place in Herrington Country park over a nine-day period beginning today.

 Even before the ‘fair’ begun, I was not finding it particularly fun or fair!

 Our street has had to put up with intolerable levels of music blaring during the fair’s construction.

 I overlook Penshaw Monument and Herrington Country park and normally enjoy the tranquil, lush and green views, but seeing a dilapidated bunch of old rides being constructed is both extraordinarily depressing and a complete eyesore.

 We’ve already had to put up with an elevated level of traffic and pedestrians up and down our usually quiet street. Old Penshaw Village is a peaceful, calm place and Herrington Country park (clue in the name there) is supposed to attract dog walkers, cyclists, picnickers and wildlife enthusiasts.

 People trampling over the site for nine days will, undoubtedly, be detrimental to the wildlife and lush grounds.

 We received a letter from the council assuring us that noise levels will be strictly monitored and litter will be picked up afterwards and that car parking will be provided, but the key issue is that they’ve given residents no choice or say in the matter whatsoever.

 Surely they could have found a more suitable ‘disused’ site in a more built-up area which is used to this level of noise and disruption.

 Interestingly while researching The Hoppings online, I came across many comments from Newcastle residents, who are very relieved to see the back of the event, that they used to dread each year due to an increase in noise and antisocial behaviour.

 My only hope is that the event will be a washout and won’t be thrust upon us again next year.

Eleanor Howan

Rubbish carry on

IT is good that the council is spending a lot of money on relocating the skateboard park in preparation for building a new leisure centre, with pool, at Washington.

 The grounds and surrounding landscaping looks absolutely excellent with new paths and ramps for the disabled and elderly.

 It is a great pity that another department sees fit to destroy newly-seeded verges and path edges by driving its lorry over them every day, just to collect bags of rubbish.

 Is it too much to ask for fit and able-bodied men to walk and collect a few rubbish sacks and stop destroying all the good work that has been done?

Larry Hetherington,


Not British football

PAOLO Di Canio should not be in charge of Sunderland.

 We will end up like Chelsea and Manchester City and have all foreign players. This is not British football. What about our young footballers? What chance have they? None.

 Get him out. The FA should stop all this. If they want all foreign players, let them play outside Britain.

D Wheldon