Letters, Saturday, June 21, 2014

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Churchill was an inspiration to us

HENRY Whipple wrote about the Churchill family being disappointed when Winston lost the 1945 election.

 He said: “During the war Churchill was gallivanting around the world, while Attlee was running the country, and his bad temper at America taking over the running of the war.”

 These comments upset me.

 Those of us who were around at that time remember Britain being completely unprepared for war in 1939, despite warnings from Churchill. We remember Chamberlain coming back from meetings with Hitler waving a promise ‘Peace in our time’.

 Churchill had done many bad things in the past, but he became our Prime Minister of a coalition government including Attlee, Bevin, Dalton etc in 1940.

 We remember Dunkirk, after Holland, Belgium, France, Denmark and Norway all fell to the Germans. Italy had joined Germany. Russia had signed a non-aggression pact with Germany and America didn’t join the war until its fleet was attacked at Pearl Harbour in 1941 by the Japanese.

 Britain stood alone. But Churchill was our leader who inspired us to carry on, and it was his strategy and leadership, and the bravery and courage of our armed forces and civilian population, plus volunteers from our Commonwealth, Canada, Australia and the wonderful Gurkhas.

 After 1942, when the Desert Rats won the north African battle at Alamein, the tide of war started to turn. I remember Churchill’s words, “It’s not the end, not even the beginning of the end, but perhaps the end of the beginning.” He kept our spirits up, and kept us going on through Sicily, and then Italy until it surrendered.

 When America and Russia eventually became our Allies, Churchill met up with Stalin and Roosevelt in places such as Malta and Casablanca planning strategies.

 Is that what Henry means when he talks of Churchill gallivanting around the world while Attlee was running the country?

 We had great generals, air marshals and admirals but it was Winston Churchill who led us to win the war, along with our Allies.

 Clement Attlee was a good man to become Prime Minister in 1945, but Winston Churchill should always be remembered as the great man who led us to peace.

Joyce Dixon, WAAF 1942-46,


Thanks for help

WHILE shopping in town with my daughter on May 8, I was suddenly taken ill. I would like to thank the gentleman who rang for an ambulance and also the paramedics, Simon, Jane and Brad for their kindness and care.

Mrs M Porter,


Great celebration

I WOULD like to thank the staff at Ebdon Lane Care Home, Fulwell, for the lovely party they provided for my brother’s 80th birthday, also for the presents and cards received.

 My grateful thanks to you all.

Joyce Cotterill,