Letters, Saturday, June 16th, 2012

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BBC must be fair to both sexes

RE the letter “Sexist attitude” in reply to my earlier letter: I do not work for the BBC so I will not take any blame for what they do or don’t show on TV. I did not ask for preferential treatment for men, just equal consideration and fairness. I cannot be sexist if I try and encourage the BBC to be more open, equal and fair for the good of its paying viewers.

Times are tough and the BBC needs to show it cares about all its paying viewers and will deliver excellent value for money. I only wrote to the Echo to mention Top Gear and to see if it was normal for the BBC not to reply to people’s letters.

The remark about women’s football is, however, a fair point and I don’t know why the BBC do not show more women’s football. I do remember Gabby Logan and two others presenting a women’s If you feel so strongly write in to the BBC. If you do, I would be interested to hear how the BBC work out what men and women want to watch.

The BBC has dumbed down its TV and it shows too many repeats, reducing value for money to the licence payer. Tables showing TV viewing figures could explain why there is little creditable choice when the BBC’s main shows are on, as they don’t want to split their TV audience in that time slot. The BBC do seem to want as many viewers as possible to watch BBC1 and 3, while BBC2 and 4 are more of an after-thought.

It cannot be that hard for the BBC to think and consider both sexes equally, can it? If Eastenders is on BBC1 why not put something more suitable for men on BBC2 and vice-versa? It will encourage more choice and will benefit both sexes equally and there will not be any bias.

Philip Thompson, St Marks Road, Millfield

Wonderful star

CRISSY Rock was born on Tuesday, September 23, 1958, in Liverpool. She made her film debut in Ken Loach’s Ladybird Ladybird in 1994.

She has appeared in TV shows and films including Peak Practice, Springhill, Dalziel and Pascoe, Brazen Hussies, Born To Run, Doctors, Brookside, The Commander, Act of Grace, Benidorm, Trial and Retribution, and Butterfly Collectors, and she won I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Chrissy wrote the autobiography The Heart Within Me Burns, which was a bestseller, and has also done stand-up comedy from workingmen’s clubs

to the biggest theatres in Britain.

Crissy Rock is a wonderful comedienne and actress.

Terry Christie, Woodside Terrace, East Herrington

Mosque plan

THERE will be another council planning meeting and the three Millfield councillors are in favour of the application for a mosque in the large garage building in St Marks Road.

It has been pointed out over and over again that it is the wrong place for a mosque. It is on top of some houses in the narrow St Marks main road, and on a narrow entry to the Metro, Earl Street and Arrol Park.

The excellent columnist Linda Colling, has made the same points and many more against that completely wrong location. Other more suitable locations had been offered.

It appears that the 90 per cent of residents of Millfield are “idiots” for opposing this planning application. It would be a mosque for the surrounding area, Seaham, Easington and many others. There is no way that parking could be provided for all the visitors, which would easily amount to 100-plus cars.

It is the wrong place for a mosque with its through-the-night meetings, and surely money must be at the heart of this decision, and not simple logic. Millfield councillors are not acting for the residents of Millfield.

Marjorie Matthews, Aiskell Street, Sunderland

Wrong venue

I HAVE a statement regarding the Olympic celebrations in Sunderland.

Every day, come rain or shine, I visit Herrington Country Park to exercise myself and my dogs, as I am aware many others do. Just where am I and the other dog walkers expected to walk for the next few days?

Also did they consider the wildlife? There are lots of new hatchlings in very close vicinity to the areas which are going to be crowded with drunken youths. What about the litter that is going to affect the pond life and animals?

I’m 18 and a sporty individual and I was very pleased to hear the Olympic torch visiting Sunderland, but I don’t see any need for live music and food and drink villages. Why did they not just put the celebrations in the city centre and then we would have warmly welcomed sporting events in the park.

I am disgusted not to have been taken into consideration and seeing as though this celebration is based on music and food and drink, it is a let-down and does not feel it has relevance to the Olympics.

Jack Grant