Letters, Saturday, July 9th, 2011

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Thanks for support with bus petition

I WOULD like to thank everyone who signed my petition to have the X2 to Newcastle reinstated (more than 600 people). I would especially like to thank Doreen Seaman for her time and effort in collecting some of the signatures.

The petition was given to my councillor in May and I was told that there wouldn’t be a meeting until June 29, and that it could take two months for the decision. Unfortunately the meeting has been postponed until this month.

I have had numerous excuses/reasons for the axing of the X2. The first one was that there weren’t enough passengers from Sunderland getting off at Gateshead and Newcastle. As they increased the 56 north of the river to every 10 minutes, I decided to see how well used it was. The morning I got on, one man from Sunderland got off at Newcastle. No one from Sunderland got off at Gateshead. The X2 was used better than this.

The lack of patronage for the X2 was later denied and my councillor was told it was a “logical break”. There is nothing logical about increasing the frequency of some services to the detriment of others.

At the moment we have to use the 2A/C to and from The Galleries, which is very slow as it has lots of stops and winds in and out all over the place.

There is also the No. 8, which isn’t always on time, and you can sometimes wait a while for the X1 from Easington (increased to every seven minutes) to Newcastle.

Another reason was that we can’t compete with the Metro. People at Hastings Hill, Pennywell, Grindon, Hylton Lane Estate, High Barnes and St Gabriel’s do not live near a Metro station.

Even if people spend time travelling to Metro stations, what about when they are out of action due to cable thieves?

It took more than 300 signatures to get the Tunstall bus back. I think it would be nice to have the X2 back for the summer holidays.

D. Sloanes, Sunderland

Too hot for dogs

CAN I just make a plea to Sunderland Echo readers who take their dogs out in the midday sun to be especially aware that they are suffering in the heat and would ideally prefer to go “walkies” in the shade.

When temperatures are soaring and you want to get a tan, can’t you do it without literally dragging your poor dog along?

Please consider your dog’s welfare and ensure you give them plenty of fresh water to lap up when you return home.

Elaine Thompson, Concerned animal lover, Sunderland

Amazing kindness

ANOTHER Saturday, another collection and another record.

On behalf of Grace House may I express my deepest gratitude to the customers of Morrison’s at Seaburn for their record donation of £460.69 in just over seven hours on Saturday, July 2. I feel truly humbled by such generosity and it seems that donations are gathering pace now that building work is under way.

I would especially like to thank Jan Rutherford and her staff at Morrison’s for their hospitality. I’m also very grateful to Sainsbury’s at Fulwell for “adopting” Grace House as their charity for a year. I will be visiting on a monthly basis, either on a Friday or Saturday.

However, on the weekend of the airshow I’ll be there on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So please call in and if you see a good-looking, one-legged pensioner in a wheelchair, it will be me, so please be generous. If you agree with the good-looking bit, then you definitely should go to Specsavers.

I also collect euros, if you have any loose change after your holidays.

Once again, many thanks.

Jeff Coxon, Lawnside, Seaham

Lewis Carroll play

WITH reference to Kate Wheeler’s feature on the disappearance of Lewis Carroll statue, there was a small error regarding the plot of the play. It is not about the search for the bronze statue of the young girl (Frederica Liddell), it’s about the search for the thief who stole the Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) statue.

This statue ended up on the car park of the Grey Horse pub in Whitburn. It was displayed on the stage for two years before being given back to the council.

The original play was called Alice in Blunderland, lampooning the drawn-out, fumbling efforts of the council. When Frank Ditchburn, artistic director of The Royalty Theatre for five years, became involved, the title name was revised to suit changes he made to the original script.

Michael Bute

Birthday thanks

I WOULD like to say thank you to my children Lee, David, Lyndsey, daughters-in-law Sheila and Vikki, mam and all grandchildren for making my 60th birthday special.

A big thank-you to all family and friends. Love you all for turning up.

Mrs B. Stokoe, Clovelly Square, Hylton Castle