Letters, Saturday, July 20, 2013

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Most earn lots less than benefits cap

I’VE just read the article on the benefits cap of £26,000 per year.

 Just out of interest, where does this figure come from? £26,000 is supposed to be the average household income.  Can I just say that I, like thousands of other people, work hard for 40 hours plus a week and don’t earn anywhere near that and don’t get benefit top-up.

 I am lucky if I earn £14,500 per year. And just to add insult to injury, we have had a pay freeze for the last four years, whereas benefits have increased with the cost of living.

 The cutbacks only ever hurt the workers. The council has even spent a ridiculous amount of money on ‘pods’ to improve the seafront. Surely that money would have been better spent paying decent wages. Who said you are better off working?

Name and address supplied.

A fond farewell to Round Tabler Denis

IT was with sadness that I learned of the death of Denis Howey.

 Some 50 years ago Mike Mather and I were prospective Sunderland Round Tablers.  

 Denis, at that time, was retired chairman of Sunderland Round Table 103 but was also a member of Sunderland Rotary.

 I well remember Denis inviting Mike Mather and myself to a Rotary barbeque at a farm beside the Eden Arms.

 The food was provided by Eric Brookes who, at that time, was catering manager for Binns.

 It was ever such a memorable night and such a good introduction to Round Table, which of course was started by Louie Marquesie, a Rotarian.

 Denis will be sadly missed, but his spirit is that which encourages young men to fellowship with each other and serve the community by adopting, adapting and improving.

Bill Craggs,


Mark of a woman?

CAN you settle a bet? We all know that motor cars must be registered and dogs wear an identifying collar, but is it true that women visiting Sunderland City centre must now have their names tattooed on the back of their necks?

Michael Hafferty,


The long and shorts of summer style ...

JUST what do these men walking around in shorts that almost go down to their ankles think they look like? I’ll tell you what they look like – a load of overgrown toddlers.

 These ridiculous pants might look stylish when they’re being worn by an in-shape male model in a catalogue, but the long shorts/beer gut/bald head/football top combo is something that should never be seen, not even in Sunderland! Do they not have mirrors in their houses? It makes me wish winter was here.

Isobel Field,


Far too much smut on telly adverts

HOW much more filth have we to put up with on our television? We have an advert for a new uplift bra, with a mother pushing her chest in her son’s and his mates’ faces, with lust in their eyes.

 Then we have the Bingo Bus, with gaping faces staring at three Scots lifting their kilts to their waists.

 I thought these sort of things could only be shown at night, when most children are in bed?

 No wonder we have so many depraved teenagers these days.

 What happened to common decency, has it gone forever?

June Haughton,


Not happy with council spending

IS there anyone other than local government workers who thinks our glorious council is doing a good job?

 £2million here, £15million there, money wasted left, right and centre, yet they are closing libraries due to lack of funds?

 Labour’s only real achievement, is to turn a once vibrant city into the biggest dump in northern England.

 And let’s not blame the Tories, it was no better when Blair and Brown were in power.

M Brown,