Letters, Saturday, July 19, 2014

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Big Meeting must be remembered

SO the Pun reckons that it’s time to consign the old pit banners to Beamish Museum (Echo Letters, July 15).

 The government of the day closed the pits and smashed the unions, and now the Pun says we should eradicate what is left of the pits.

 Today’s government is still trying to smash and suppress all unions. Is there not an old saying that if you forget history, then you are bound to repeat the same mistakes?

 The people that do go to the Big Meeting have happy memories.

 Without the Big Meeting, people would forget their roots and their proud history.

 Didn’t the American government put all the Native Americans on to reservations and try to make them forget their own history?

 I sense something similar going on in Australia with the Aborigines. Didn’t Communism and fascists try to eradicate the Jews?

 The Pun stated that the pits are no more, defunct. What’s the chances of the government (or the Windsors for that matter) declaring ownership of castles, land and titles defunct?

 Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, reason and plot! If we can remember Guy Fawkes, then we can remember the Big Meeting.

R Tomlinson,


Make the jobless pick up weeds?

REGARDING the ongoing debate about the collection of weeds from outside people’s homes.

 I can understand why many of the elderly feel that they cannot cope with this, so I suggest that this is a job for the long-term unemployed.

 These people have nothing else to do and perhaps working in the fresh air will act as inspiration and persuade them to look for jobs.

 Ok, maybe not, but it would at least give them something to do and personally I would get great enjoyment from watching these skivers work.

Mick The Pen Brown,

via email.

Unhappy over long journey

I WOULD just like to congratulate Sunderland council for another fine mess on the roads around the city centre.

 On Friday I travelled to the city centre from Sea Road, a journey that normally takes about six minutes but it took me 32.

 I cannot understand why the council fought so hard against Tesco to build the biggest car park in the north of England.

 I would also like the council to confirm if the town bridge will be closing for repairs when the football season starts?

G Wyness,