Letters, Saturday, January 11, 2014

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The city’s history is being bulldozed

WHILE in Sunderland over the Christmas holiday I noticed more buildings being bulldozed.

 I cannot believe the Art Studio building is now facing the council chop.

 Over the year that whole row of buildings has been taken down on Silksworth Row bank.

 I would love to be on site to see what history they find, or will they?

 Sunderland is soon becoming a city of concrete, futuristic buildings.

 Anyone coming to visit will think: “Oh, this place has no historic buildings”.

 I would be more than willing to hire a bus and drive the councillors to Newcastle to show them how its councillors run their town and manage to preserve their historical buildings.

 No the wonder we can’t get well known football players wanting to come to Sunderland, the town is going downhill fast and needs sorting out.

 Everyone was up in arms when the Town Hall was removed and the civic centre took over. Now the Crowtree Leisure Centre is gone, so where do the kids go?

 They can’t even go to the library as most of those have gone.

 Sunderland Council you irritate me so much.

 On the first day, God made earth – he must have forgotten Sunderland.

A Timm

Negative reaction

MR Brown recently made a couple of incorrect comments when he recently responded to my previous correspondence, concerning Sunderland council.

 He seemed in his element when explaining how I had “laid the blame for the city’s woes at the Tories door”.

 Mr Brown was doing well except for one thing. I never wrote those words.

  I wrote: “The negative policies of the last Conservative council held the town back for years.”

 The reason I wrote that statement was in response to Mr Brown blaming the council for the mess in the city and to emphasise that, even 40 years ago, a Tory council in power could create considerable damage.

 Mr Brown tried to put words in my mouth again when he said: “W Quinn went on to say that our council is one of the best in the country.”

 Needless to say those words were never said by me.

 They were said by people from reputable institutions and the Government, which rates the council highly.

 Mr Brown, however, unwisely denies the fact and without any substantiation, condemns them all as utter tosh.

 How thoughtful.

W Quinn

Thanks for help

I WOULD like to thank the local businesses for their kind donations, which helped us have a great Christmas party for the children of Plains Farm and surrounding area.

 They are Durham Road Butchers, Buyrite, China Wok, Golden Fry, Fresh Air, Sunderland Lions Club, Cooneys Fruit and Veg, Henri’s Meat Market, plus many more.

Kim Dixon and Carol Dobbie,

Plains Farm

Ghosts of future

I CAN’T help but notice that over the Christmas holidays, television showed no less than seven Christmas Carols, with only two of them outstanding in my opinion.

 In seventh place, Scrooge with Ross Kemp, 2010, very up to date, very cleverly done; sixth Scrooge voice of Jim Carey 2009 (animation); fifth Patrick Steward, 1999; fourth, Muppets Michael Caine, 1992; third, Scrooged, Bill Murray, 1988; second, Albert Finney, musical 1970 and first place Christmas Carol with Alister Sim, Hattie Jacques, Jack Warner, Kathleen Harrison, and Geroge Cole.

 There are many attempts to create slightly different storylines, but the point remains. There are so many scrooges in the world. Most people think only of Number one.

 Everyone at some time will be visited by their own three ghosts, and have to decide how their future will progress, or not.

 Man has had thousands of years of past – will he/she have thousands of years of a future, or self destruct.

Mr J A Stott,