Letters, Saturday, February 4th, 2012

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Parking Eye left me disgusted

I HAVE been reading with interest in the Echo the stories regarding the Parking Eye car park management and I, for one, am disgusted at the way they operate at Sunderland Royal Hospital.

My brother was diagnosed with terminal cancer on May 4, 2011, after being poorly for a year. He was in the Sunderland Royal for 10 weeks and discharged as an outpatient in July 2011.

My partner and I took him for his chemo and other appointments every week at the hospital.

On November 28, 2011, it was his last course of chemotherapy, but he needed a prescription to take home.

My sister-in-law was told to pick it up at the hospital pharmacy at the Chester Wing. My partner (by the way, we are both pensioners) drove us round to the pharmacy.

He drove in the car park but did not park in any bay. He just drove around to the exit, in nobody’s way at all, and he waited with my brother in the car until myself and my sister-in-law collected his prescription, for which we waited 45 minutes.

Two weeks later my partner received a parking fine of £60 for that time and date we were in the pharmacy.

If this company had car park attendants walking round, they would have seen that my partner was not parking illegally.

We spent pounds and pounds in car parking fees, as we used to wait for my brother having his chemo and blood transfusion, plus visiting when he was admitted for treatment. But that’s not an issue, we didn’t mind at all.

Sadly, he died at home on Monday, January 9, 2012, with all his loving family around him.

I just wanted to say that I am disgusted with Parking Eye management for giving my partner that £60 fine. They have even put the parking charges up from £1.50 to £2 for two hours to pay for these cameras. It’s disgusting and I’m so angry.

What do other readers think?

Mary Begg, St Luke’s Road, Sunderland

Coalition’s lies

COUNCILLOR Alan Wright’s headline was the Government was using the funds wisely. How come Mr Cameron was live, talking to a massive crowd, putting this question to them: what makes people happy?

Why doesn’t he go to the unemployment offices around the country? More than a million young people will tell him he’s wasted, I believe, millions of pounds in advertising this on leaflets and television adverts.

Councillor, you forgot to mention the House of Lords. Your party lost many, many votes against robbing disabled children in wheelchairs, cancer patients, and the disabled girl who won many London marathons.

A lady on television said she didn’t know how the Government could sleep in their beds. You say there are more doctors. Councillor Wright, on television this week doctors, specialists, midwives, nurse were all against what you lot are doing to the National Health Service.

Winston Churchill will be spinning in his grave. Fancy a German top specialist coming over to England to help run our National Health Service. It’s not saying much for our wonderful doctors and nursing staff. I’m not scaremongering over the lies they tell, this Coalition.

As my late mother would say: sing as I do, and the band played believe it if you like.

Grace Cassidy, Fee Terrace, Ryhope, Sunderland

False nostalgia

I FEEL that I must respond to the bizarre letter “Unfit youth” by Mick “The Pen” Brown.

I have no idea what era the writer was talking about, probably the 30s, when he was writing about what a fun time it was, but he is looking upon his youth with rose-tinted glasses. It was most depressing.

He says everyone was fit. What about illnesses like scarlet fever, diptheria, TB and mastoid in the ear? As for no shoes and socks, only the very poor did not own them.

Mick The Pen then says that no one was fat. This is simply not true – we all grew up on stodge.

Yes, the youth of today have it easier, and good luck to them. I don’t envy anyone who was brought up in the 30s.

I would advise all youngsters to ignore Mick The Pen’s tall tales and enjoy life.

Mrs B. Crute, Mount Road, Sunderland

Thanks to finder

I WOULD LIKE to say a big thank-you to the person who found and handed in my daughter’s bag on Sunday, January 22, after she had left it on her trolley at Sainsbury’s in Silksworth.

It’s nice to know there are honest people about.

Thank you so much.

Mrs Baxter, Sunderland