Letters, Saturday, February 25th, 2012

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Ask people what to spend money on

SUNDERLAND City Council have now set themselves targets with £60million that has appeared out of nowhere. They have decided to replace the Washington and Northumbria leisure centres. What about the Crowtree Leisure Centre in Sunderland? All the sports facilities are there, they just need revamping.

As Sunderland City Council, you would think that they would reopen Sunderland’s main leisure complex. This would also cost the council less as they wouldn’t have to build a new complex because it is already standing there ready to be used.

The council are also spending £1.35million to improve Roker Pier and Lighthouse. Why? Why not spend more on the seafront as a whole? Sunderland has an amazing seafront, so why not improve everything surrounding it? This would attract more people to our city.

Sunderland used to have the lights at the seafront, so if they were to be put back up and if more entertainment was put down there, it could be like a smaller version of The Golden Mile at Blackpool.

The airshow brings a lot of people into the city for two days, but if there was more to do at the seafront, there would be more people there all the time.

What I don’t understand is why the council are planning on spending our money on things like above-ground railway stations and parking management schemes when they can invest the money in things that the public want and need. How is improving the pier and lighthouse going to do anything positive to the community? If you asked most people about the pier and lighthouse, they wouldn’t be particularly bothered.

It’s good that some of the targets set by the council will increase jobs, but apart from that it’s not doing anything for the city. Sunderland City Council should invest their newly found money into things that the public want. If they’re meant to represent what we want, why don’t they ask us what they could do with the money?

David Hull, Coniston Avenue, Sunderland

Different ‘Greens’

FOLLOWING my initial letter; “A capitalist system (December 26), and in response to “An alternative type of economy” (Letters, January 18), I should make clear to the reader the difference between these two groups, which may be perceived as “Greens”.

Friends of the Earth (FoE) is an environmental organisation which campaigns for a better world for everyone. We stand for three big ideas:

1. We need to use the planet like there is a tomorrow. This means living within the limits of the natural world.

2. Everyone, everywhere, now and tomorrow, deserves to have a good life.

3. We need to change the rules so that the economy works for people and the environment, not pit one against the other.

The Green Party is a political organisation which has similar aims to FoE and is attempting to initiate this change through the political system.

I’d like to address the point Emily Blyth, of the Green Party, makes about personal change not being enough. Clearly this is true, but the aim of my letters is to highlight the need for change, for it is only when we, as individuals, see for ourselves the injustices of the system that we can try to effect change.

There has never been a better time for individuals to make a difference to the system. We live in an age when people’s ability to access information and communicate through the internet is unprecedented, and it is encouraging that others have seen fit to give their own thoughts about this subject on the Letters Page. It must be hoped for all our sakes that this subject will continue to rise up the political agenda.

Allan Rowell, Wearside Friends of the Earth

Is this vandalism?

THE story about vandals trashing new pit area project was a little one-sided.

Contractors grubbed out a 60-year-old hedge and erected a pig netting and rail fence only negotiable by a two-step stile. If you cannot lift your dog or pushchair stay away.

This fence has now a gap cut in it, presumably by someone who could not negotiate it. An act of vandalism?

The old football field has been dug up, even though the local Scout organisation pays the rent and the local Burnside football team trains on it in the summer months.

A gate now denies access to the small football field car park, and it also denies the young woman with the adjacent smallholding access to the water for her horses which she filled directly into her vehicle.

The absoloutley fantastic effort made by the members was carried out by contractors. The other fantastic effort was made by Fence Houses Residents’ Association which opposed planning permission to safeguard the young oak trees on the site.

Planning permission was then withdrawn by the Wear Rivers Trust but the actual act of vandalism was carried out anyway.

David Patterson, School Terrace, Fence Houses

Bus service plea

WILL you please ask the bus company of the M1 could they bring the bus service at night-time to Shiney Row roundabout, turn here then back to Heworth?  

It would service Penshaw and Station Road and link up to other buses.

We would have some happy faces, not sore feet.

Mrs G. Sykes, Railway Terrace, Penshaw