Letters, Saturday February 23, 2013

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Frustrated at lack of job hunting help

AFTER being told the Universal Job Match is now a mandatory registration, with help, I now have an email address, but as I don’t have a clue how to use a computer, I went to my local Job Centre, looked on the Jobspoint and found two possible vacancies.

 When I asked for an advisor to help me apply I was informed they don’t do that. I then went to the library and after several attempts I had to give up as my computer session had come to an end.

 I went back to the Job Centre, again asking for help only to be told to get someone with a computer to apply for me.

 I can’t expect them to do this for me every week.

 Next time I signed on, without the mandatory job applications, I was informed that I have not fulfilled my contract with the Job Centre and was warned any repetition could lead to my Jobseekers Allowance being suspended.

 I want to work and apply for jobs so why can’t the Job Centre give me a little help to apply until I can do it myself?

 I’ve been asking several other older JSA claimants and most are in the same position as me.

 I always assumed Job Centres were here to help me get work – apparently not.

 I just feel useless and frustrated.

Raymond Newton, 56,


Open underpass

WILL someone let us know how long the underpass at Church Street, Monkwearmouth, will remain closed?

 This has gone on for months now and nothing is happening.

 Who is the Councillor for this ward. Will you have a walk along and have a look at it?

 It was about October when it was first reported.

 Elderly people and children going to school can’t get across the road as it’s like a race track and someone is going to get hurt.

 Who is in charge of the underpass? Nobody admits that it’s their worry.

 So come on councillor, get something done about it, or are there no professionals any more?

 I’m sick of waiting.

Jenny Mac,

Dock Street

Leaflets are litter

LIKE Allan Wilkinson (Echo, February 2), I too am sick to death of all the bumf that comes through my letter box.

 I live in Deneside, Seaham, and I get them from Dawdon, Parkside, Murton and even Peterlee. I have a notice on my letter box stating no junk mail, but still it pours in.

 Are the delivery men illiterate?

 Perhaps they have not been in the country very long and cannot read the English language?

  I like to think of myself as a “greeny”, so all the leaflets go into the recycling bin, but why should all the trees in the forests be cut down to make junk mail that no one reads or asks for?

 A few years back all the lampposts had a metal sign on stating anyone found dropping litter would be fined £60. Well, I look on all unsolicited, unasked-for, unwanted leaflets, flyers and circulars as litter. I also know where they come from because they have their address and phone number on. So, can I prosecute them, considering that I have put up a warning notice saying no junk mail.

 I do not want my letter box used as a litter bin.

 Why would I order something from someone who cannot read?

 If they can’t read, it makes we wonder how well up they are on the health and hygiene regulations when preparing food!

R Tomlinson,


Protests justified

THE failure to realise the potential of Crowtree Leisure Centre, especially in the current retail climate, is just typical of Sunderland Council.

 What a short-sighted measure!

 The city centre is desperately short of several things but the most notable absentee is people.

 We had a terrific leisure centre (the busiest in the country, they said) that attracted thousands of people every week into the city centre.

 The building is desperately ugly but perfectly situated within yards of car parks and the transport interchange. All it needs is the investment that would disguise the horrible exterior and update the facilities inside.

 They say it is “past its best” – of course it is. It has been neglected for decades.

 It has the potential to attract people of every age group into the city centre and those people don’t just spend money inside – they also go to the shops, the cinema and restaurants, even during retail downturns.

 A well situated leisure centre is a community focal point and almost recession proof.

 The reason given is that land is needed for more retail. Again, this is frustrating and myopic.

 The Vaux site is waiting patiently, Farringdon Row takes that site right across to B&Q. A huge area of land behind Park Lane and Holmeside is being cleared. Exactly how many retailers does the council imagine are waiting in line?

 Retail priority should be given to improving the environment of the current core and then attracting John Lewis, a far larger M&S and a Hilton Hotel to the Vaux site – if the council can do that, the private sector will follow suit.

 The howls of protest about this ridiculous decision have been justified – we can just hope that there will be a suitable response.

Frank Tremayne

Old and careful

I HAVEN’T got much faith in the Government but I’ve got even less faith in Mick the Pen.

 Accidents are not caused by elderly drivers, who by definition are more careful and considerate.

 How dare he say he is not ageist.

A Pollitt,

Careful octogenarian motorist