Letters, Saturday, February 12, 2013

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It is indeed a rich man’s world

EVERYONE knows a rich man usually has a better lifestyle than a poor man.

 The Government has now introduced the Green Deal Loan, which is great if you save enough on your fuel bills to cover the cost of the loan plus interest at approximately six per cent. If you don’t save enough you will be further in debt.

 Only the rich can still afford to go out for a good night on the drink and still have a ciggie whenever they want. They can still afford to treat their kids to a glass of pop without being put off by the price increase proposal because of the sugar content. They can even invite guests to stay overnight as the spare bedroom tax won’t affect them.

 The new super fast and more expensive train will zoom them from north to south or visa versa faster than the rest of us with the exception of the North East, of course, where no one counts.

 But all is not gloom and doom, the poor should live longer having a healthier (but more boring) lifestyle. They can carry on working (if capable and actually have a job) on a low or minimum wage till their 70s before retiring on a grand pension of £144 per week.

 In the words of ABBA: “It’s a rich man’s world.”

Mr B Drummond,

Sevenoaks Drive

Difficult decision

ISN’T politics fascinating? After much thought David Cameron says we can have an in/out referendum on the EU if we wait until 2017.

 Labour has stated that they will not have an in/out referendum. This poses the question, at the next election in 2015, who to vote for?

 If you vote Labour you know you will not get a referendum. Vote UKIP and though they have the right ideas, they cannot form a government.

 For Tories to now vote for UKIP means that Labour will win and you’ll get no referendum.

 To vote Tory means that if you fight hard enough you will get the in/out referendum.

 We must think carefully!

Marjorie Matthews,


Lost shopping

I WAS on the 4.30pm M2 bus to Barmston on Thursday, January 24. I had four carrier bags which I put on the luggage rack. On arriving home I found I had one extra Asda “bag for life”.

 I rang Go Northeast Bus Company and explained what had happened and left my mobile number for the person the bag belonged to, to contact me, so I could return the bag. I also left my number at Customer Service, Asda, Washington.

 Up to now no one has contacted me.

 I feel really awful about this. There’s almost £9-worth of shopping. If the bag belongs to someone reading this please call me on 07790 079802 and I will return it.

S Charlton,


Don’t blame EU

I’M sorry, Mr Wright (Echo, January 26), but you can’t blame EU bureaucrats for the fact that greedy insurance companies put up the insurance rates.

 By the same fact, I don’t think he muttered a word of protest when that women marched into the European Court and demanded to work till she was 65.  This then set in motion the equalising of the retirement age, saving billions in pension payments and increasing contributions, putting extra billions into the Treasury.

T Thompson,


Wonderful angels

AFTER falling and fracturing my femur in Chester Road, I was helped by four amazing ladies, Bev, Claire, Rebecca and Margaret, who gave me their coats, hats etc, to keep me warm until the ambulance arrived.

 Many thanks to my “guardian angels” and the excellent care I received in Ward D42 and D43. I am well on the way to recovery.

FS Warne,

Middle Herrington

Never forgotten

THIS time every year I remember four young lads. We were on a bus trip from Steels Club (I think) to a cup match at Liverpool where we won 2-0.

 We were on our way home enjoying ourselves with a bit of daft carry-on when the bus skidded off the road, facing the right way on to the central reservation.

 After recovering from the shock, someone had the bright idea of pushing the bus off the grass on to the opposite carriageway, to turn around and go back.

 About four of us were going back up the road to warn traffic when another bus came down and crashed into the back of our bus, killing the four lads pushing the bus.

 Their names have been with me ever since: Fleury, Oxberry and Scott. The fourth one was a lad called Fenton, whose car had broken down, and him and his mates wanted a lift home. That’s fate for you. A few years later I was working with one of his mates, Geordie Bage, at S&S Marine in the south dock.

 I’m sure their families remember them – so do I. The accident occurred at the end of January 1961.

A E Steel,


Search for dad

I AM looking for relatives of Edmund Isaac Jackson Sim, who married Patricia Ann (nee Gofton) in 1964 in Newcastle.

 Their address in Sunderland was 24 Rockingham Road.

 Patricia Ann died on May 7, 1979. I am the son of Edmund IJ Sim. I was born in 1960, to his first wife Joan Rowlands.

 I would be grateful for any information about my father, or possible siblings.

 I can be contacted on: soul-ed@hotmail.co.uk, or 07583362027.

Eddie Sim,

North wales