Letters, Saturday, December 15, 2012

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It must be time for us to leave EU

 Already 1,096,000 from the Eastern Block are here officially but the figure is probably much higher and from 2014 Rumania and Bulgaria also have legal access to the UK.

 Moreover these countries have a huge Romany population who no doubt will relish sharing our Queen’s highways along with our state benefits with us.

 I can hear the liberal left bemoaning my lack of charity but I would refer them to the logistics. Where in this little island will more visitors stay and how can we pay? Already we argue about building on green belt sites to accommodate the current overspill.

 Obviously the poor and underprivileged within the EU will seek to better themselves. Who wouldn’t? But Britain is unable to support itself let alone play host to the unsettled people of Europe.

 That the UK ever agreed to allow free movement for 450,000,000 people from the EU and permit almost unlimited immigration is either incompetence of the highest order or insane altruism, but why be surprised?

 We have learnt that MPs are capable of both and much worse, when taxpayers’ money is involved.

 So unless we agree to continue financing the indulgences of Brussels and accept that we have a duty to support without question the underprivileged within the EU, even with our self-preservation at risk, we must bid Herman Van Rompuy, President of the EU, a hasty farewell.

 Let’s have an in/out referendum.

Denis Gillon,


Such hypocrisy

THE hypocrisy of the Tory group is manifest in your report.

 They wholeheartedly support the plans for a strategic transport corridor (SSTC) to lead to the Iconic bridge but do not acknowledge the fact that the only way to connect the Vaux site with the city centre is to put the east to west link road through the north side of the the Vaux site.

 Peter Wood has no right to complain for planning madness that he promoted.

 The city planners, like puppets, do has they are told. It will be interesting to see how the Wheatsheaf traffic system performs when travellers come down Newcastle Road and wish to turn right to reach the Stadium of Light.

 When it comes to foresight and vision, both Conservative and Labour councillors do not cater for an amended blue route option for a relatively cheap new bridge to connect the Vaux Site to the SoL area and Newcastle Road.

Ron McQuillan

Such carefree days

SINCE the time when I was a teenager I have always enjoyed pop music. I would often listen to Radio Luxembourg and Radio Caroline in the evening and enjoy the beautiful nostalgic sentimental songs from those romantic days when the music was often longing for the past.

 I worked at Thrislington Colliery, West Cornforth, and I remember as we walked to the coal face the talk among my friends was who was top of the pops on Radio Caroline and Radio Luxembourg.

 Harry Belafonte was I think the most popular singer in those days with Banana Boat Song, Matilda, and Island in the Sun.

 Franky Lane recorded Remember Me and Apple Blossom Time.

 I will always remember some of the words to the song Apple Blossom Time: “I’m writing you my dear, just to tell you. in September, you remember neath that old Apple Tree, you whispered to me when it blossomed again, you’d be mine.”

 I think many people of my age will think the 1950s and 1960s were happy carefree days.

 Neighbours bonded and helped each other in their hour of need, something that I think is lacking today, especially since our coal mines were closed by the Conservative Government.

Jimmy Taylor,


Bridesmaid plea

WE are celebrating our golden wedding on January 12.

 I am looking for our chief bridesmaid so that we can invite her to our party.

 I only know her maiden name as we have not been in touch for about 48 years. Her name was Janice Hewitson, she lived in Houghton. We all worked at Joseph Cooks in Washington – me and Janice in the cost office and Dennis in the fitting shop.

 We were married in St Aiden’s Church, New Herrington.

 I know that after Cooks Janice worked at the Burn Hotel in Houghton. Could anyone knowing anything about Janice please get in touch. My phone number is 0191 3857 200 or email: denanne@talktalk.net

Anne Richardson

Take away licence

AS we all know, underage drinking is a major cause of antisocial behaviour, so handing out an £80 fine to a newsagent in Washington for selling six litres of strong cider to a 15-year-old boy is more a minor inconvenience than a deterrent to the owner.

 The man has clearly blotted his copybook so take his alcohol licence from him as he obviously has disregard for the law and his responsibilities

Ralph Arnold,