Letters Saturday, December 14, 2013

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Pupils were credit to their school

 The vision and commitment of the teachers was plain to see, and it was wonderful to witness the energy and enthusiasm of all the pupils I met. They were keen to share their experiences and insights from their Sky Sports Living for Sport project – it was fantastic to see the power of sport in improving young lives.

 In my role as an Athlete Mentor for Sky Sports Living for Sport, which is delivered in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust, I strive to inspire young people to be the best that they can be across all areas of their lives.

 I use a variety of sporting activities to get the students involved and active. I also shared my own journey as a professional sports person with the pupils at Castle View and told them about the challenges I faced and overcame to excel in my sport.

 I encouraged them to draw on the British Athletes Commission’s ‘Six Keys to Success’ which include mental toughness, hunger to achieve and planning for success.

 I asked the pupils to think about the many skills and lessons you learn through participating in sport and how these can be applied to help them achieve all their life goals.

 The young people I met were a credit to Castle View and, as is so often the case in this job, I came away from the school feeling incredibly inspired myself.

Katy Storie,

England women’s rugby international

Don’t be a glutton

ARE you looking forward to Christmas, but feeling a bit worried about getting rid of that extra weight you’ll put on over the festive season?

 Well, here’s a tip so you can avoid having to join the gym in January: Don’t be a glutton!

 I know that it’s the party season and the adverts are telling us we have to eat more in one week than a lot of the planet will see in a year, but why not try thinking for yourself for a change?

 If you find yourself in Asda doing your Christmas shop, ask yourself: “Do I really need that many tubes of Pringles?

 “Is Christmas really going to be ruined if I put back this giant tin of Quality Street?”

 It’s quite simple – show a bit of self control and don’t shovel every bit of food going down your cakehole.

 That way you won’t have to go jogging through the snow in the new year.

Gregg Mitchell

A surprise indeed

AT 71 years young, and the youngest of six, I always like to do things different. So it was that I decided to surprise my brother.

 The opportunity came along to surprise my much older brother Eric. He likes to go on holiday with several of his very old crony mates.

 He arranged a 10-day holiday for the end of November. Being at a loose end in life now, I thought it would be nice to get away myself, somewhere warmer.

 I thought of Malta, but noticed a week in Benidorm, leaving two days before Eric was due to go. What a nice idea, to walk into a pub in Benidorm and tap him on the shoulder.

 Well it almost happened. I spent a couple of hours in various pubs looking for my brother. I gave up, and went to the Western Saloon. Standing there for 10 minutes, I looked across the bar to see his smiling face.

 He had a feeling he’d see me as I had asked too many questions.

 I spent most nights in his hotel bar, and then the Carousel Karaoke Bar.

 What a good time, especially as one member of his group turned out to be an old school pal from Grange Park, whom I’d not seen for 56 years.

John A Stott,


Looking for Emma

I AM researching my family tree and I am looking for information on Emma Ayre.

 I am having great difficulty finding information about her prior to her marriage and her parents.

 She was apparently born in 1862 in Wingate, Durham, according to the 1881 census, the first in which she appears. Her father was Adam Ayre, according to her marriage certificate.

 In the 1881 census, she was a servant in a drapers shop.

 She married Robert Rooks in 1881 in Sunderland and had six children.

 If anyone can help, please email me at davidmiller1968@outlook.com

David Miller