Letters, Saturday, August 3, 2013

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A service that is second to none

WITHOUT over-reaction to all the recent rhetoric in the media of poor standard of care in the National Health Service, I wish to express quite the opposite opinion from current experience.

 Firstly, I consider myself very fortunate to have good health, but on the odd occasion when the need has occurred, I have received nothing but prompt and appropriate treatment.

 However, in the case of my wife having an unfortunate fall resulting in the dislocation of her shoulder, I am somewhat at a loss to find adequate words to describe the level of expertise, care and dedication of the ambulance team and the staff of the A&E Department at Sunderland Royal Hospital.

 Having been present to the majority of the emergency treatment, quite frankly the standard of care exceeded all expectations. Indeed, the follow-up treatment at the Royal Hospital was at a consistent high level maintaining full confidence.

 There is no doubt that we can be assured of a first-class service by highly-trained medical staff who deserve our full support.

 While I do not set out to refute certain revelations, I am firmly in the business of offering support and admiration for what is an excellent service. Politicians should refrain from attempting to score points and focus their attention to deal with any inadequate findings.

 We should be proud to have such a wonderful service in which there are so many special people who are dedicated to attend to us when suffering from extreme and varied conditions.

Arthur Pattison,


Don’t threaten us

SO the Japanese Government has stated that for the UK to leave the EU it might mean repercussions and could jeopardise tens of thousands of British jobs (Echo, July 23).

 How dare Japan try to dictate policy to this country? It is not the first time, a couple of years ago, Nissan itself said that if Britain did not join the Euro, that it might have to move its factory to the continent.

 Suppose that they do, we will still have best workforce in the world, bar none, and we could start building our own car.

 Our own government closed or allowed our own factories to close, including the shipyards and coal mines. The miners fought for a year to keep the mines open. Do the Japanese really expect us to shed tear if they close their factories here?

 A memo from the Japanese Government said that Japanese companies were attracted to the UK market because it offered a gateway to trade with Europe.

 The Common Market is only for European goods, the gateway they refer to is the back door (no tariffs to pay). Nissan was subsidised to come to this country, if it leaves will we get our money back? Australia is not in the EU, yet it has managed to buy the ship, City of Adelaide, and is in the process of transporting it there. Sunderland couldn’t afford it.

 What does that tell you about being in the EU?

R Tomlinson,


Wasted journey

ON July 28, I thought that I would go along to Seaham car boot sale.

 I was in two minds because the weather was a bit dodgy but as the opening time neared, I though I would risk it.

 On arrival I found a sign on the gate stating the event had been cancelled due to the weather.

 On the way there, about four miles from where I live, I had passed three roundabouts, plus two major road junctions. Why weren’t there any signs up in these places saying that the boot sale had been cancelled? It is not the first time that this has happened.

 To add insult to injury there was nowhere to turn my vehicle around to go back home, so I had to continue on to Ryhope.

 When I got to Ryhope I found the road was flooded.

 Heading back to Seaham from Ryhope, I did not see any signs anywhere saying that Seaham car boot sale was cancelled. Why?

 Diesel is not cheap. Some regulars come from as far away as Bladon and Hartlepool, bit hard lines for them.

Name and Address withheld

Kind gentlemen

I WOULD like to thank the four kind gentlemen who helped my husband after he had a fall near Ritchies Garage in Hetton on Sunday, July 21.

M Todd