Letters, Saturday, August 10, 2013

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Hospital staff are very special people

I WOULD like to pass on a very special and warm thank you to all the doctors and nurses and staff of Sunderland Royal Hospital for the very special care and attention that they have given to me through my current illness – from the treatment within the hospital to the after care.

 These are very special people whose skill and compassion goes beyond normal boundaries. Their humility and sense of humour help to get you through some dark and unsure times, true angels one and all.

 I will and always will be forever in their debt, thank you so much.

 To all my lifelong friends and comrades from the Southwick branch of the RAOB (The Pride of the Wear), who have a very special place in my life and my heart, I would like to say thank you to all of you for all of your support, camaraderie and best wishes that you have shown to me and my family over this difficult time.

 Please know that this world is a much nicer place to be, knowing that you are in it, your banter and laughter is much missed.

 I am blessed to have people like you around me.

Ron Bonallie

Caring lifeguards

I WOULD like to thank the three RNLI lifeguards on duty at Roker seafront, who were so kind and caring in patching up my daughter Rosie, when she fell and badly grazed her arm and leg.

 I don’t know what we would have done without their help!

Gillian Callaghan

People ignored

WEARSIDERS can have their say on the future of Sunderland.

 Council bosses have launched eight weeks of consultation on how the city develops over the next 20 years. Sound familiar.

 After spending tens of thousands of pounds consulting the public and then publishing the Seafront Findings Report, in which the public’s wishes were published.

 Quote: The second most frequently raised issue was public toilets at Roker. Many respondents commented that more toilets are needed which are open all year round. No toilets are going to be built following this report.

 Could I suggest the £333,396 spent on the Roker Pods was a complete waste of money, as they stand there unused.

 Maybe they could be adapted and used as toilets. One as a male toilet and another as a female toilet. Sorry to those with disabilities as you have no access to the pods.

Len Lowther

Tighten planning

I WOULD like to warn anyone who is thinking of installing solar panels that any selfish, ignorant uncaring, unneighbourly person can come along and reduce the income from your expensive investment by adding extensions which put your panels in the shadow.

 I contacted the planning department to object but got no joy.

 The Tories want to relax planning laws but these laws should be tightened or single storey buildings in this area will look like Millfield or Hendon with what appear to be caravans stuck on top of the roofs.

 Neighbours should be allowed to claim compensation for the noise, filth and parking problems that these people are allowed to inflict upon them over many, many months.

Michael Dodds

Saving doesn’t pay

A WORK pension in some ways it is very good, but it also has its negatives.

 My parents are in their 80s. They worked all their lives and my dad paid into a superannuation scheme at work.

 They sold their home, a modest two-bedroom house and went into a rented one-bedroom home.

 He has to pay full rent, full community tax and full dental costs.

 If you have your own home, don’t sell it, because if you do, you will get hammered.

 I myself get a pension from my previous employer and pay into a pension with my present employer.

 I just hope I don’t end up being penalised in the way my parents are for working hard all their lives.

P Garrett,