Letters, Saturday, April 21st, 2012

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Beware of this telephone scam

I’D like to make readers aware of a scam.

I was foolishly taken in by a phone call saying it was only for pensioners to save electricity – 40 per cent, no cost.

I was asked for my Barclaycard details. The man said it wouldn’t cost me anything. I knew in my mind it was wrong but I gave him all my details. When he asked for the number on the back of the card I said I didn’t want to give him that. He said he was from Power Saver Ltd and gave me his phone number to prove he was genuine.

I wasn’t happy and he said he’d put his manager on to talk to me. It was then I told him my number of the back of my Barclaycard. The manager then told me it would be £99. At that I panicked because the other man had told me it wouldn’t cost me anything.

I knew then I’d done the wrong thing but he got nasty and I told him to cancel what I’d told him about my Barclaycard.

I got straight on to Barclaycard and they told me it was a scam so they stopped my Barclaycard. I am now terrified in case someone else is using it and I get a bill. I also told BT about the phone call and they said it was a scam.

I want readers to know about it so no one else will be upset. I am 78 years old and I don’t need this worry, although I now know not to do it again.

Mrs B. Walker, Byrne Terrace West, Silksworth, Sunderland

Feast tattoo

IT was great to read in Tuesday’s Echo of Sunderland’s plan to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with Sunderland’s first ever tattoo.

I am sure it will a great community event and worthy of a royal audience. Many will know, however, that tattoos have been held on Wearside before – at the ancient festival of Houghton Feast. The Military Tattoo traditionally opened the Feast and was an integral part of the opening ceremony between 1987 and 2002.

Our tattoo always concluded with a lone piper and bugler with the spotlight on Houghton Cenotaph. Who could forget the sounds of the pipes from Houghton-le-Spring Pipe Band and the rumbling bass of the big drum ricocheting through your chest?

We had highland dancers, local cadets competing against each other by pulling jeeps, stunt bikers, jugglers, street artists, and marching brass bands. Showmen rubbed shoulders with pipers, locals, visitors and those in military dress.

The town was alive, as the Gavioli organ played into the night. The best thing of all – it was always free.

Paul Lanagan, Chairman, Houghton-le-Spring Heritage Society

Seagull pests

WE are sick of the seagulls around Donnison Gardens area. There are not just one or two, but 20 or more.

I hope the person who is feeding them reads this. Even the bairns dare not go out or us old people.

You phone the council, but they don’t want to know.

D. Whellon, Sunderland

Cowboy workmen

I KNOW someone very well who has been left with a patio door at the back of her house that has no lintels holding it up.

She never knew this. The money that she paid was hard-worked-for money, not easy to come by. Plus, the windows and doors she had put in were expensive as well.

What she thought would have been money well spent in the long run has turned out to be a financial headache and heartache to boot.

The company that did this work is out of business. They went out of business at least four years ago. I wish I could name these cowboys.

If someone like these people are supposed to be professional when they were in work, God help the non-professionals.

Now this lady has been left with a door that won’t shut properly and is having to get the door fixed, which is money yet again and the problem is getting someone who can be trusted.

I wonder who out there has been left in a similar situation because of incompetence. When you get a so-called professional in you take them at face value. I wonder if that is worth anything though. It certainly hasn’t been for this poor woman’s pocket that’s for sure.

The decent people are getting a bad name through all of this. The ones that know their jobs, that is.

Mrs B. Crute, Cleveland Road, High Barnes, Sunderland