Letters, Saturday, April 19, 2014

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Ambulance service too busy for a lift

IT is with regret that I’m writing this letter regarding the Sunderland Ambulance Service.

 Three weeks ago I tripped over on the kitchen floor.

 Unable to get up, I called the telecare service for assistance.

 I also called the ambulance service, only to be told that it was busy attending people with heart attacks, which I understand is a priority, and it would be some time before I would get one.

 I was eventually sent a patient day care ambulance, which took me to Grindon walk-in centre.

 Fortunately, there were no broken bones, only bruising.

 However, it saddens me to think I had to find my own way home.

 I was alone, but many thanks to the taxi driver from Station Taxis and the help of my kind neighbour who helped me back in my house.

 However, it is sad that the people I thought would help didn’t.

Dilys A Baker,


Fags ban needed

SO Mr Madderson read the article (March 30) headlined ‘Raids reveal haul of illegal goods’ with interest.

 Well, I read his letter with complete and utter disdain (April 14).

 The letter was all about how poor, old, honest retailers are losing profits on their cigarettes because of illicit tobacco smugglers selling the stuff cheap.

 Not one word of concern about the people that have died from using the stuff, or for their families that are left – just total indifference. It’s not only tobacco users that die of lung cancer, passive smokers can also die.

 There is quite enough cancer in the world without encouraging it, and to make money out of selling the poison that gives people cancer is, to me, obscene.

 Tobacco is like a drug – once you start, it is very difficult to stop.

 We have all seen people with an inhaler in one hand and a cigarette in the other, that’s how powerful the craving is.

 The letter even condemned the Government for proposals to introduce plain packaging of tobacco products.

 I think it is high time that all tobacco was banned from this country – put that in your pipe and smoke it.

R Tomlinson,


An absolute gem

YOUR most excellent review of Michael Bourne’s Swan Lake encapsulates the sheer delight of a glittering performance. On Boxing Day last year, I experienced what I considered to be the apotheosis of ballet when I was present at the opera Bastille, Paris, for a scintillating The Sleeping Beauty.

 I felt that any subsequent ballet would inevitably be outshone by the Bastille production.

 Not so. The Bourne Swan Lake was the epitome of ballet theatre, never to be forgotten.

 Leaving the theatre at about 10pm on Tuesday, April 8, I was back at 2pm the next day to be thrilled again by the gem of classical ballet.

 No longer is the North East a cultural backwater. Life without music would be a mistake; life without Michael Bourne’s Swan Lake would be a tragedy.

George E Brown,


Honesty still exists

WE would like to thank the person who handed in our uncle’s wallet to William Hill betting shop on Friday, March 28.

 We have been unable to thank you in person, but it’s nice to know honest people do exist.

Angela Brand,