Letters, Saturday, April 12, 2014

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Think very carefully at polling time ...

YOU can talk until you are blue in the face but we know that around 80 per cent of the UK public want us to get out of the EU.

 The EU has made no secret of the fact that it wants a United States of Europe, which means completely removing the nationhood of all 27 or more countries.

 The free movement between countries means, logically, all people will want to move to the most financially stable state with amazing welfare – aka the United Kingdom.

 Logically, we all know that the UK is massively overcrowded and cannot take any more immigrants.

 The NHS, housing and education of our children are suffering intolerably. So what is this politically powerless Government (thanks to the EU) going to do about it?

 Polling time is coming, so think carefully and please go to the polling station. Do not trust the integrity of postal voting.

Majorie Matthews,

Aiskell Street,


Calling friends for a school reunion

CALLING all ex-Thornhill School pupils who would have started in 1972 and left in 1977 (1979 if they stayed on at school) and who will be 52 or 53 years of age.

 I am organising a school reunion on Saturday, June 21, in the Rosedene Pub, Sunderland, from 7pm.

 Also, ex-Chester Road School pupils between 1965-1972.

 It will be 37 years since we left school, and although there have been a few reunions over the years, it would be lovely to see everyone again.

 One of the reasons for the reunion this year is that two of our former classmates who went on to marry and emigrate to Australia are coming over to England and will be visiting Sunderland and hoping to see us all again. It is Gail (née Hunter) and Dale Fowler and they are so looking forward to seeing everyone again.  

 Maybe you were one of our teachers? We would love you to come along too and have a catch up and remember those funny stories of what we did – or didn’t – do!

 I also need help in trying to contact as many of our school friends as possible, so if you can make it or know contact details of any of our former classmates, please contact me at karenmaclennan@hotmail.com or call 07956 566269. My name at school was Karen Glass, so please get in touch. Thanking you in anticipation and hoping to hear from you, fingers crossed

Karen Maclennan,

via email.

Thanks for your kind donations

ON behalf of the Sunderland Local Committee of Cancer Research UK, I would like to pass on our grateful thanks to the people of Sunderland, who have been so generous over the last year.

 We recently handed over the funds raised during 2013 at our AGM. These funds were raised by sponsorship, coffee mornings and various other functions, donations and most poignantly, in memorium donations.

 We handed over the magnificent sum of £33,500 to our parent body, which helps to fund the research centre in Newcastle, which means these monies remain in our region.

 This centre undertakes world-class research, to combat the many forms of this dreadful disease.

 Once again, thank you to all those who gave so generously and supported us during 2013.

Edna Ford,

Hon Secretary, Sunderland Local Committee, Cancer Research UK.