Letters October 26, 2012

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Response is short of any defence

I THOUGHT the usual suspect would be unable to resist responding to my letter on millionaire Red Ed Miliband and his conference speech.

 While Mr Quinn does sprinkle his letter (October 12) with cut and paste pieces from the Labour’s folk law, myths and legends’ handbook and the usual silly name calling, it is, however, remarkably short of any defence of millionaire Miliband.

 This is the millionaire who preaches one nation politics and operates class warfare at the same time, confused? You soon will be.

 Mr Quinn claims the Coalition will borrow more in this parliament than Labour did in 13 years in power. This does not sit very well with his previous claims that the Coalition is making “swingeing cuts in public expenditure”.

 Ex-Labour MP Chris Mullin wrote in his diaries that he “asked Gordon Brown what time bombs have been left for the next Government”. Brown’s reply was “the PSBR” (Public Sector Borrowing Requirement).

 Says it all does it not?

Alan Wright

High Barnes


We have rights too

IS there anything anyone can say in this country that is not classed as racist or prejudiced?

 Where is the freedom of speech?

 If you can see and hear what is a fact, why are there people out there ready to jump on the band wagon? I know there are people who don’t like a certain party and what they stand for, so of course they are always going to be twisting things.

 It is right what this certain party says, we are getting taken over.

 Where are our rights when anything goes on? Nowhere. Where is the freedom of speech? Nowhere.

 It’s strange but people will moan about things but won’t stand up for anything. Yet when this certain party does, he is shouted down, now people want him arrested. Why? Because he spoke the truth.

 Our men in both World Wars fought for this country as well as people from other countries too. They fought and died to keep it safe.

 Yes, our country is definitely safe, alright it’s that safe it’s being given away bit by bit. And all the people can say is that this certain party should be arrested.

 Well I should be arrested as well because what was said was true. It is the same as Enoch Powell with his speech all those years ago.

 There is nowhere in this world that would put up with what is going on – except Britain. We are sinking that fast we will have to have life jackets soon.

Mrs B. Crute,


Now ‘well heeled’

FOLLOWING on from my letter bemoaning the terrible customer service I received by a certain local cobbler, I thought it only polite that I let you all know that my faith has been fully restored.

 After I recovered from my previous experience, I ventured down to Smith’s on Sea Road with my wares.

 I was greeted with smiles and a friendly attitude on walking into the shop. There were no strict rules invoked from thin air about “only two pairs at a time”. I was asked when I wanted the boots back and when I returned to collect them, again I was treated with politeness and a friendly and jovial attitude by all three staff members, making the experience quite a nice one and one which I will certainly repeat again!

 So a big thank you to Smith’s for keeping me and my daughter well heeled this winter, for allowing me to continue with my crusade of giving support to local businesses, but most of all for treating customers with politeness.

 They are probably totally unaware of how much this totally normal customer service act meant to me.

Tracey Oliver


A superb event

ON behalf of all concerned may I thank you most sincerely for participating in the Houghton Feast parade this year.

 Your efforts were appreciated by the thousands of residents who watched the parade. We do hope you enjoyed your involvement in this event.

 Members of Houghton Round Table were able to add this superb event to the Feast programme of community activities, once again thanks to you all.

 Obviously, we hope you will consider participating again next year, and an invitation will be sent to you for that purpose.

 As organisers of the parade we would welcome any ideas for improvement and enhancement of your parade experience, particularly how best we can improve the end area of the procession.

John Price and Lee Redford,


Houghton and

District Round Table

Thanks for wallet

THANK you to the lady who found my wallet and returned it to my door.

 Words seem too little for a very honest lady.

Mrs T Angus,