Letters, November 9, 2012

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Time for us to pull out of Eurozone

THINKING of Armistice Day brings back a comment from one of the oldest war veterans who said something like: “I have fought to keep this country and it was all for nothing as they have given it away.”

A few years ago I spoke to a gentleman who left the area 40 years ago and settled in New Zealand and he said the same thing to me “why have you given the country away?” I couldn’t provide an answer.

 I do recall William Hague saying “my greatest fear is that one day I will wake and find the country that I love has gone forever and I will never know quite how or why”.

 This brings us to the European Union, the two experiments, the EU and the Euro have failed. Apart from the politicians, I don’t think any right-minded person now doubts that the correct action for the UK is to pull out.  This does not mean that we turn our backs on Europe, it just recognises that the Eurozone and Great Britain are separate entities that trade together. This is the same with any other country in the world.

 It is not an exaggeration to say the European Union is a “virtual cesspit”. Just think of all the European leaders who either claimed diplomatic immunity, given gaol sentences, or slipped under the radar.

 Many people say, look at our own politicians, so we could add multi-millionaire Blair to the list, with his failed New Labour project and all the champagne socialists.

 His open door immigration policy let in hundreds of thousands of dubious immigrants.

 We don’t want renegotiation of our relationship with the EU, we want out.

 If the politicians can’t make their minds up then, no more fudges, we will have an in/out referendum next March.

Gordon Tomlinson

Thanks for support

A BIG thank you to the lady who wrote in praising Save On Shoes.

 Our business has been here for many years and we give our customers the best service we can.

 After reading about the cobbler, from Cleadon, who refused to mend the shoes, we were disgusted that someone in this trade could treat a customer in this way. He does not deserve any loyalty.

 Thank you to all our customers. We will always put your needs first and we very much appreciate your custom

Mrs Lyn Ross,

Save On Shoes,

Hylton Road,


Tired of pervert

I AM tired of opening the paper and reading about Jimmy Savile and all his antics, which should have been dealt with when he was alive.

 Why can’t I read in the newspaper that they have little April’s body? That’s what the police should be concentrating on, not a pervert like Jimmy Savile.

C Riley,


Shiney Row

Homeless soul

FOR months, a poor white cat, a neutered tom, lived homeless on the streets of Millfield, finding shelter wherever he could.

 He was deaf and appeared to have suffered an injury at some point to his pelvis. He was also very dirty and his fur all matted.

 It was heart breaking.

 I live in the Millfield area and walked around every day looking for him and fed him, along with a few other kind neighbours in the area.

 The poor cat was terrified of people and being deaf made him more vulnerable to harm and accidents.

 A young boy managed to catch him and brought him to me, where I kept him overnight, and a volunteer from a local animal charity kindly took him to a vet the next day for a check, then to a foster home for cats.

 Unfortunately, he was only in the home for two weeks when he took ill with cat flu and although he received veterinary treatment, he ended up being euthanised.

 When I found out I was extremely upset and would have been with him had I been told he was being taken to the vet.

 I took the poor little soul to a pet crematorium and arranged for him to be cremated.

 If you are reading this heart breaking story and the cat belonged to you, or your know who he belonged to, you can contact me on the number below.

 I would hate to think that anyone had purposefully left this lovely cat to fend for himself.

Ring 07762 110903

Vote for who?

WE the public are asked to vote next week for someone to be the Police Commissioner for Northumbria, an important responsible job at £100,000 per year.

 So far most of us have neither seen nor heard any information about who these people are? Who we vote for? What qualifications they have, do any of them have any experience of police matters?

 How do I or anyone know who is the most suitable candidate?

 We may as well close our eyes and stick a pin in the name.

 It’s like the old children’s party game, pin the tail on the donkey.

Joyce Dixon,


See Monday’s paper for information on the candidates.