Letters, November 12, 2012

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We need to protect fellow countrymen

I WATCHED on the news as Prime Minister David Cameron visited Muslim countries, a trade mission to improve the British economy.

 He was greeted and given the royal treatment, walking down miles of red carpet and presented with the highest medal from the Saudi government.

 I admire the Prime Minister for his courage in visiting Muslims, yet he fails to see the problem that Muslims are suffering in his own land from the likes of BNP/NF/EDL political parties who are raising banners to kick Muslims and other immigrants out of Britain.

 I hope that David Cameron and other Coalition members do receive this message and restore law and order while removing double standards; to protect Muslims and other foreigners in the UK from rejection and hate by their countrymen.

Tahir Khan


Unity Organisation (Multicultural)

Utterly disgusted

AFTER reading the article regarding the Sunderland Minster hosting nightclub-style raves; I thought I should write in disgust.

 There is already a lap dancing club, which I accidently had the misfortune to visit.

 What next, cock fighting and bear baiting?

  I think this city is going backwards, again, pandering to the stiletto-wearing, tanned morons that I once may have dated as a “young un”, but have gladly left behind.

 More cultural activities please.

Paul S Cook,



Airport – no chance

A NEW airport at Peterlee to replace Newcastle and Teesside?

 There is more chance of the Adelaide sailing up the wear with Lord Lucan as the captain.

John “The Pun” Watson,


Disastrous policies

DOES W Quinn actually believe the rubbish he gets printed, or does he take his inspiration from Mick “the pen” Brown?

 Apparently the Tories stole the utility companies from the taxpayer?

 Funny, I can’t ever remember getting a dividend, rebate or discount while “we” owned them. Likewise all the other public owned companies, in truth the people have never owned a thing, and anyone who thinks different is living in cloud-cuckoo land.

 As for the Tories putting their right-wing ideology before the interests of the country, are Labour and their own beliefs in any way different?

 One only has to see the results of their disastrous education policies to understand both parties are self-serving and completely out of touch with what’s needed.

M Brown


The poppy

Red as blood, black as night

Reminds us of the soldiers’ fight

They fight oppression and the tyrants’ reign

And they free the people to live again

They experience the pain and the horrors of war

Away from their loved ones on a far-off shore

And when the ultimate price is paid

And on English soil their bodies are laid

We will remember their bravery

We will remember their family

Bodies broken and nightmares seen

We will remember where they have been

We will remember their sacrifice

To go into darkness and bring some light.

Wear it with pride, this poppy red

Wear it with pride to honour the dead.

Georgina Smith,


Peace time dreams

Who are these men that sit at a desk with their thoughts only for war?

Have they not read the history books to know this has happened before?

Too many lives lost and what did it gain

Family’s torn apart and grieving with pain

How could they start this conflict then say

We have had enough and just walk away?

But the soldiers march forward all hearts filled with pride

It’s the mark of all brave men that walk side by side

For some in this war their futures are black

Waiting for news of loved ones that will never come back

But all of them are heroes and our hearts fill with pride

Because selfless men and women fought for us and died

But the sun will always shine for them and the moon will light their night

Stars will whisper in their ears everything will be alright

They can dance with the wind then rest upon a cloud

For when they lived then passed from this world, God how they made us so proud

Laura Prest

Tonnage wrong

THE photo of MS Linden Bank, in last Saturday Echo, November 3, stated she was 6,350 tons, but Linden Bank was a 16,000 tons cargo ship, built at Doxfords.

Ken Cheal,