Letters, Monday, September 16, 2013

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Not enough PE on school timetable

THIS summer, there have been ongoing reports of child obesity problems and a lack of exercise among our young.

 It has been proven that poor eating habits and lazy lifestyles have a direct impact on life expectancy and also the quality of life.

 Accepting my responsibility as a parent, I have kept my child active throughout the summer and been sensible in what I allow her to eat.

 However, to my disgust, children return to certain schools that have limited provision for physical exercise.

 Southmoor Academy allocates one single lesson of PE on its timetable. This 50-minute lesson, 40 minutes maximum after changing time, is considered enough to contribute towards a healthy, active lifestyle.

 At this vital age, where the body and its vital organs are growing and developing, the need for exercise is unquestionable.  

 I personally feel that this is inadequate for students and is against Ofsted recommendations (Feb 14, 2013 document).

 I wholeheartedly support the drive for success in academic subjects, however, it is proven that a healthy mind is driven by a healthy body. There is room on the curriculum to develop both.

 Good and outstanding schools find a way to cater for academic and practical achievement.  

 I sincerely hope that the governors intervene, reconsider the curriculum, and fulfill their responsibly of looking after the health and wellbeing of their students.

Another Concerned Parent.

What’s going on with the grass?

EACH year Backhouse Park is abandoned by the grass cutters.  

 They cut around the children’s play area and the flat, top field.  

 This can’t be because of health and safety, as the banks in Mowbray Park and Barnes Park are well maintained. Backhouse Park is like a wilderness and is a disgrace to the town. What is the council’s policy in this park? Are they going to close it down like the branch libraries?

 The residents of Hendon and Ashbrooke deserve better than this. Answers please.

Mary Snowball,

Ryhope Road,


Thanks for helping

I WOULD like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped me when I fell at the temporary bus stop in Vine Place on Friday, August 30. Your help and kindness was much appreciated.

 Thankfully no bones were broken, but it is taking some time to fully recover.

 Special thanks to the bus driver who waited to see if I was okay.


Lakeside Village.

Vaux site should be excavated

IN the Sunderland Echo on September 6, there appeared a two-page article entitled Exploring our rich heritage.

 The first sentence of the article was: “Wearsiders are urged to step back in time and take a closer look at the history on their own doorstep.”

 Well I, for one, would love to do just that at the Vaux site, but how would I go about it? Is Sunderland Council going to supply a time machine?

 In the article not one word was mentioned about the Vaux site. Why has it not been excavated? Is it going to be excavated? If it is not going to be excavated, could we have an explanation as to why? Perhaps definite proof that nothing of any historical value lies buried, cost perhaps?

 The article goes on to say: “The success of this annual event is down to the volunteers and organisers and the invaluable contribution of their time, effort and enthusiasm.  

 So where are these volunteers and organisers with their enthusiasm, effort and contributions regarding the Vaux site?

 Is it not an insult to Wearside to ignore and disregard possible Roman archaeology? Is it not an insult to historians to say that possible finds are of no consequence? It is our history and not to be disregarded.

 If there is nothing there, I am quite prepared to show a certain part of my anatomy in Woolworth’s window (providing it re-opens!).

R Tomlinson,