Letters, Monday, September 15, 2014

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Scooter drivers must pass test

APART from the ability to wear an old fleece and smoke a Woodbine, just what are the other qualifications required to drive a Motorbility scooter?

 I was very nearly knocked over by one of these contraptions in Walworth Way. All I received by way of apology were a few expletives and some explanation that the driver had priority because of his condition.

 If you ask me, these people should take the same driving test as any motorist and follow the same guidelines when they are on our roads. At the moment, they are a nuisance and a hazard to pedestrians.

Mick, The Pen, Brown

The reason for parking fines?

OVER the past few weeks, there have been complaints regarding fines issued to Blue Badge holders at Sunderland Royal Hospital.

 When I first registered my Blue Badge details, I was informed that my car registration was only valid as long as I had the same car. If I changed my car or used another, I would have to register that new car’s registration.

 Perhaps those that have been fined have not done this and that is why they have had a fine?

Blue Badge holder,

Name and address supplied.

Strange phone call from Italy

LAST week I answered my telephone and the voice on the other end asked for me by name

and said he was calling from Italy.

 He asked if I liked Italian food, to which I said yes. He said his firm would send me olive oil, pasta Italian cheeses – a cost, of course.

 I told him I wasn’t interested and I wouldn’t give bank details and hung the phone up.

 I’ve had several calls since. I asked how they got my phone number I was told “from a database”. Has anyone else had the same calls?

Alan Ramsey,

Hall Farm.

Do big fences cause offence?

THE poet Robert Frost wrote: Good fences make good neighbours. I had a friendly next door neighbour. We had open-plan gardens, and throughout the summer we had many chats standing at the little fence between our properties. Then his girlfriend moved in.

 She liked to sunbathe in the garden, but was uncomfortable that I could see her in a bikini.

 So my neighbour built a large fence, for privacy, he said. Then I never saw or talked to him, though I could hear him in his garden making mobile phone calls.

 An elderly couple live nearby. Whenever I walked past, I always stopped to exchange a few words with them when they were gardening. Then they put up a huge fence too, turning their home into a fortress.

 One day I opened their gate to say hello, and I got a distinctly chilly look from both of them.

 Do good fences make good neighbours? I think it makes people unsociable, cold and aloof.

 We need some gale force winds to blow these fences down.

William Crane,