Letters, Monday, September 1, 2014

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Villages deserve better upkeep

YEARS ago because of Government pressure, Washington was given to Sunderland City and not returned to Durham City.

 A friend of mine worked at Usworth Hall and attended such meetings.

 One of the demands of Sunderland Council was “they would have to receive extra money for the upkeep of all the greenery, eg grass, hedges, bushes etc.” This was given.

 I’m sure many of you, like the people of Albany and other villages, are disgusted with the upkeep of our villages.

 At the top of Albany, we have trees growing over the top of eight to 10-feet hedges.

 Running along Moorside, hedges have been hacked off on one side – not the side which the residents walk.

 Complaints from residents have been ignored.

 My husband rang two councillors at home, left a message and phone number but had no response (there is an answering machine for callers).

 When you leave the A19 at Hastings Hill for Sunderland, the road running to the second roundabout has a hedge running alongside it. I remember this hedge used to be about eight-feet tall.

 The maintenance men used a very tall ladder and precision cut it manually. It is now down to four/five-feet and is still precision cut.

 In Washington, we would like our hedges cut decently, not hacked to death.

 Roll back the days when our councillors were paid travelling and meal allowances.

 Genuine people who did a good job and were respected for it.

 In the Daily Mail, August 13, Richard Littlejohn said of the EU “It’s time for a revolution”.

 There are many people who would say start with (1) The House of Lords, (2) The House of Commons, (3) Local government councillors.

 Bring it on. And let us make sure no one over 70 is acceptable.

Evelyn Barron,


Fight with Boris

COUNCILLOR Lee Martin wants people to stand as Conservatives in local elections.

 Echo readers might like to know Mr Martin was recently on Radio 4 suggesting his party should parachute Boris Johnson into the Sunderland Central constituency for next year’s General Election.

  Was he joking or was he serious?

 What a fantastic idea. It would certainly liven things up.

 Is Julie Elliott up for a fight with a celebrity opponent?

 I can picture Boris canvassing the regulars outside The Chesters: Vote for me and I’ll sort out David Cameron (ie the way Maggie Thatcher disposed of Ted Heath).

 Should Boris actually parachute into Sunderland, like the Queen at the Olympics?

 Try to avoid those flying pigs on the way down, and the flak from my anti-aircraft guns.

Henry Whipple,


Did you see the Rolling Stones?

IT’S 50 years ago this year since the Rolling Stones played two shows at the Rank Theatre, Sunderland, as part of their 1964 UK tour.

 I’m compiling a people’s history of the Stones and if anyone would like to share their memories of the concerts – who they went with, what they remember of the gig, whether they enjoyed it – I’d love to hear from them.

 I can be contacted via email at richardmhoughton@gmail.com or by letter at 32 Manor Avenue, Preston PR2 8DN.

Richard Houghton