Letters, Monday, October 7, 2013

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Passengers should make voices heard

I WAS astonished to read the letter from Nexus Deputy Director General Tobyn Hughes (Be clear about the proposed fare rises, October 2), which made a number of inaccurate statements and also revealed how little he knows about his own damaging proposals.

 Our extensive analysis of the impact of bus contracting plans on fares was based on 27million passenger journeys – not five million as his letter states. That analysis shows a clear north-south divide. Up to 50 per cent of Stagecoach adult fare-paying passengers in Sunderland and South Shields will face higher bus fares under the Nexus bus contracts plan, whereas passengers in Newcastle will see their fares held.

 Mr Hughes should be very familiar with the data – it is the same information used as the basis for Nexus’s own bus contracting proposals. The only alternative explanation is that Mr Hughes has not read his own document. He has also failed to be open about the fact that the Nexus plans are based on costs and prices from 2012.

 Stagecoach regularly publishes its fares information. Full details are on our website, we promote our fares on the side of our buses and we send regular updates on our fares to Nexus. If Nexus has such a poor knowledge of such basic information, how can the people of Tyne and Wear trust them to run the area’s bus network?

 The reality is that the Nexus bus contracts plan is not about improving bus services – it is about plugging a growing hole in its budget.

 Local people should be in no doubt that this plan will lead to higher bus fares and rising council tax bills.

 Those who care about their bus services should make their voice heard by signing the petition at www.backthebus.com

Phil Medlicott,

managing director,

Stagecoach North East

All a conspiracy

THE UN report on climate change makes it clear – humans are responsible for global warming.

 Most people in Britain do not believe this. Don’t we care about what kind of a world we are leaving to our grandchildren?

 I hope they don’t end up cursing us for being so short-sighted.

 Politicians must wake up to their responsibilities.

 I remember when George W Bush became US President, he vowed that no American would lose his job on account of policies preventing global warming.

 In other words, Conservative politicians think it’s all a left-wing conspiracy. George Osborne says we won’t save the planet by putting Britain out of business.

 It’s simple to understand. For millions of years all the carbon lay where it should, beneath the earth’s surface, and like Pandora opening her box, we began to dig up fossil fuels and release all that carbon into the atmosphere. Industrialists, capitalists, big business, right-wing politicians – as usual, they are the guilty men.

 As long as everyone is making a fast buck, it doesn’t matter how much we poison the planet.

 We need green, energy-efficient economies. Every country must stop coal power generation. Gas and nuclear are the only options.

Henry Whipple,


Tories are nasty

I WAS watching BBC news, when it took me over to the Tory Conference in Manchester.

 A big screen was showing Mrs Thatcher telling council tenants they could buy their council houses.

 Every Tory in the centre was clapping. What hypocrites.

 I remember the day when she left 10 Downing Street, getting in her car, tears running down her cheeks.

 Her son Mark was furious. They had all stabbed her in the back.

 As for the Lib Dems, they have been calling David Cameron and his party rotten and yet they voted with the Tories for all the cuts – all clapping and laughing at the budget.

 I don’t know how Cameron and his men can sleep at night.

 Hundreds of people have committed suicide because of their cuts.

 Fancy cutting benefits to disabled children and people with cancer. Yes, you are still the nasty party.

Mrs G Cassidy,