Letters, Monday, October 6, 2014

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Low voting age was cunning plan

ALEX Salmond thinks 16-year-olds should vote in elections.

 He says the referendum debate proved how mature they are. In fact, his decision to lower the voting age was a cunning plan to increase his vote.

 Of course, they shouldn’t get the vote.

 Teenagers below 18 are children. They are naive. They live in a fantasy world. They have no experience of life.

 I heard a discussion where a Scottish girl debated with her grandfather.

 She said: “Teenagers have a vision of the future, while all you’re worried about are pensions and savings and your comfortable middle-class life.”

 Ah, the certainties of youth.

 When she’s older, she’ll find out how attractive a comfortable middle-class life is.

 Youngsters voting for independence didn’t even know what currency they’d be using. How mature is that?

 I know I shouldn’t have had the vote at 16. At that age I hero-worshipped Harold Wilson.

 Does anyone else remember the white heat of the technological revolution?

 If you think Tony Blair was a disappointment, you should have seen Harold Wilson.

 I remember how underwhelming it felt when I voted for the first time.

 You go to a polling station, put a cross on the paper, and that’s it.

 I expected the heavens to open and a choir of angels to accompany such a momentous event.

Henry Whipple,


Great wedding day

MY partner and I recently got married at the Stadium of Light.

 We had looked at different venues for our wedding but when we visited the SOL for a talk and a look around, straightaway we knew it was the right place for us to ‘tie the knot.’

 First we met a lovely lady who worked there called Anne Gilby, who made us feel that we were not just another number getting married there. She was great.

 Everything was explained on that visit and leading up to our wedding day.

 On the day itself, we were able to use a room for the daytime and another for the evening, which was great. The meal on the day and the food on the night were fantastic. The staff who looked after us were brilliant – nothing was a problem for any of them.

 They were all very professional and they are all a credit to Sunderland Football Club and the City of Sunderland. Anne and her team made our big day a day to remember, for all the right reasons. Thank you.

Nev and Allison Harris,


It’s simply magic

IN the Echo on September 29, a young magician, Chris Lewis, from Houghton, raised £445 for a children’s charity.

 I hope as well as raising money for charity, it will encourage a host of young magicians.

 I think that’s what we need to boost Sunderland, especially as another shop looks as though it is closing down.

 To me, a lover of magic, a young magician doing well, even though he raised that money for charity, is good news for magicians. Well done, Mr Lewis, and good luck with your magic.

Edwin Robinson