Letters, Monday, October 17th, 2011

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Team should be doing better

IN reply to Mr Jones of Ouston, (Letters, October 13), no I’m not obsessed with the Mags but SAFC’s record under Bruce against them is P3 W0 D1 L2 F2 A7 Pts 1.

This spectacularly pathetic record has come at a time when Sunderland entered each derby under our Geordie manger’s reign as favourites to win because Newcastle are supposedly going through a transitional period with an owner and chairman many of their fans dislike. Yet still, the first half-hour of this season’s home defeat apart, we were absolutely dire on each occasion.

If, after spending some serious money, we still succumb to them in such a spineless, subservient manner (the number of players who simply lost their bottle in the 1-5 defeat at St James’s last season was scandalous), then questions do need to be asked. The least we should expect to see is genuine, heartfelt, controlled aggression and passion from a well balanced and organised team, surely, Mr Jones?

The Mags apart, however, I also long for the day when my side has the ability to win matches against Notts County, Brighton, Norwich, Swansea, Wolves, West Brom, Fulham and the host of other mediocre outfits who have seen us as a soft touch since the turn of the year when we sold the best striker in our recent history and failed to replace him. Last season we took one point out of 18 against the three promoted clubs (Newcastle, WBA, Wolves). Yes, one lonely point in the fortuitous home draw against the team Mr Jones prefers we ignore.

SAFC have come on fantastically off the pitch in recent times and did finish 10th last season, as the manager points out regularly, but results (and many actual performances) on the field for nearly 10 months now do not reflect the ambitions of Niall Quinn, Ellis Short, the club in general or the supporters.

Injuries and new players finding their feet cannot wash forever. A lot of our problems of late are not solely to do with personnel but as much about with a lack of motivation, preparation, balance and ability to have a plan B in too many games.

Tom Lynn

I WAS at meeting

I WOULD like to respond to the letter published in on Tuesday, October 11, by Frank Jardin, regarding the mosque meeting.

He states that he was disgusted to find that there were no Labour councillors in attendance. If he cares to look at the photograph which was published in the Sunderland Echo after the meeting, he will see that I am pictured in the middle of that photograph, as of course, I was at the meeting.

It is a very important issue to the residents of Millfield and I am ensuring that I am putting forward the views and concerns off residents of the area to the council officers. The next step is the planning application and until that is received we can make no further progress, but rest assured, I am involved in discussions with many residents about many issues they have and will endeavour to listen and represent them all to the best of my ability.

Coun Lynda Scanlan, Millfield Ward

Misguided view

MR CHALK obviously has a vision of himself as the God of religious foreign benevolence. Why does he not leave Millfield and extol its virtues to the masses of religious troubled in foreign lands? Soon he would have Mount Olympus all to himself.

He cannot live near the St Mark’s Prayer House, otherwise he would be aware of the noise and disruption from the place at all hours (sunrise, sunset, 4am etc).

The proposed mosque is on an original site of Ogden Street and Catherine Street, of 24 houses with a dividing lane.

The authorities cannot control the disruption of one illegal religious house. A place this size is asking for trouble.

Live and let live? Yes.Somewhere else.

Mr M. West, St Mark’s Road, Millfield, Sunderland

Panto tradition

ON THURSDAY, October 13, I was looking in my Echo. I turned to Page 9, the Letter’s Page.

I was looking at the letter that someone named Mick “The Pen” Brown wrote. I feel really sorry for him. He may have a high IQ and read Dickens and Shakespeare, but Christmas is for kids and pantomimes and people should not forget that the Empire Theatre is spoiling this for kids.

This person reads Dickens and Shakespeare and the classics, well good luck to him. But people like to enjoy things as well, and Christmas time is for that.

Children let off steam at panto time and they love it, saying things like “he’s behind you”. And if the truth came out, the mams and dads love it too.

I do hope that the Empire Theatre thinks twice about pantos. Musicals are all right, but Christmas is special. It should still be panto time.

Edwin Robinson, Zetland Square, Sunderland