Letters, Monday, October 13, 2014

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We need lights to be proud of

ONCE again Sunderland Council has shown voters its lack of respect for them.

 Again a nostalgic visit was wasted. I am glad to have been around in the 1950/60s when the council had a lot of what this one lacks – imagination.

 The illuminations of old seemed to interact with itself as if moving, with lots of lights everywhere.

 The fountain at Seaburn is the only real part of the display.

 Why no tap in the boating pool – a real marvel?

 Deciding the theme for this year’s display must have taken the council 10 to 15 minutes.

 There did seem to be a lot of people there.

 The only real light and sparkle came from the vendors, roundabouts, food stalls and those selling novelties at the gates.

 Fortunately, there was no entrance fee or I would be asking for my money back, plus compensation.

 In my dictionary, illuminate means light up, shed lustre on, decorate profusely with lights, with lights a sign of festivity, with gold or other bright colours – even enlighten spiritually.

 Do councillors not use a dictionary?

 A selection of lights and no idea what to do with them is sad. There must be someone in the council who remembers the old days?

 Will people of Sunderland ever see illuminations again that they can be proud of?

Mr J Stott,


Amazing support

MY brother, Andrew, and I had the experience of a lifetime when he pushed me in my wheelchair around the Great North Run.

 Thanks to the generosity of the public, friends and family, we raised £745 for the Scope charity and £640 for the Sunderland branch of the British Heart Foundation.

 We are very grateful for this support, and I also want to thank Andrew because, without him, I would never have been able to have achieved this.

 I had a fantastic time, enjoying the atmosphere and seeing celebrities – including being handed a water bottle by Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, who I have idolised for years.

 The day was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Lynn Mearns,

East Herrington

Silence says all

I THOUGHT Margaret Thatcher was as repugnant as you could get as a leader, but David Cameron has outdone her regarding Isis.

 For months Mr Cameron and his Government have known about Alan Henning’s

imprisonment but did little about it. The same can be said regarding David Haines, the Scottish aid worker, who was murdered last


 It’s only when these brave men are murdered that Mr Cameron has something to say. It’s very reminiscent of Thatcher who loved to make political gain through tragedy.

Ged Taylor