Letters, Monday, October 10th, 2011

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Why no apology over town hall?

G. LIDDLE (Letters, September 30), referring to Linda Colling, said she goes around with her eyes wide open. Mr Liddle should know that this is not an unusual feat, and it doesn’t explain why Linda appears unable to see the local positives.

Mr Liddle asked how the city has benefited from 13 years of a Labour Government? Well, what I can remember is the policies that helped our local economy. The introduction of the minimum wage, baby bonds, pensioner heating allowance, pension credit, family credit, free bus passes, free television licences etc.

Also let Mr Liddle not forget that for 13 years a Labour Government funded our city with millions of pounds to keep council services up to standard. Your regressive Government, Mr Liddle, have cut these millions significantly. This has made it difficult for the council to provide a normal service and unable to give financial assistance to worthy causes.

Now I have answered Mr Liddle’s questions, perhaps he would answer one of mine. Why has no Tory ever apologised for the destruction of the old town hall? It was an elaborately-designed structure of great historical value which should never have been demolished. Indeed when the foundation stone was laid in 1887 the council announced the building would for all time add lustre and importance to our town.

This Tory act of organised vandalism has deprived future generations of their entitled heritage.

W. Quinn, Duke Street, Millfield, Sunderland

Confused writer

I FEEL I must reply to Mr Docherty (Letters, September 29). He seems to be confused between Labour MPs and Labour councillors.

Labour, Mr Docherty, did not get rid of shipbuilding, coal mining, steel works and many other industries in this country, I think the lady’s name was Mrs Thatcher who was esponsible for that.

On the other hand, Pyrex, an American firm, was closed down and transferred to France. The Americans are good at doing that, especially in England. They have done it successfully over the years. After all, we are their greatest allies.

Labour did not send the building of our trains to Germany – this is a recent transfer of our assets.

Dave Cameron has now been in office over a year and half, we’re more in debt and he still dishes out money to other countries, no doubt making a name for himself. He has made so many U-turns if you joined them together they would make more rings than those on the Olympic flag.

He has covered more countries than Air-miles Andy. He is frightened to hold a referendum, something the people of this country want.

Cameron and Clegg are all for free schooling yet they are together in a £9,000 charge for English students.

As for Sunderland’s councillors, Mr Docherty, I agree: they are as useful as a chocolate fireguard.

John Coates, Zetland Square, Monkwearmouth, Sunderland

Friendly post office

AS a frequent visitor to the Ormonde Street Post Office, I feel I must complain about the letters written by Mick the Pen concerning the store.

The staff, especially the Postmaster, are kind and helpful. Nothing is a trouble to them.

Regarding the clientele that visit, there is a great atmosphere.Everyone seems to know each other and we all have a good chat, usually about Mick’s letters.

Mick the Pen stated in a recent letter that folk were hanging around before opening time drinking tea out of flasks. This is utter nonsense, and what’s it got to do with him in any case?

I really do think that Mick the Pen Brown is making a laughing stock of those who visit the post office. What’s wrong with making friends and passing the time of day with others?

Mrs. L. Bulmer, Cleveland Road, Sunderland

Allowance facts

IN his letter ‘“Allowance threat” (Letters, September 30) Mr G. White gives the impression, perhaps unintentionally, that the terminally-ill are to be denied Contributory Employment Support Allowance.

In fact, a quick look at the DWP’s website (http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/esa-changes-q-and-a.pdf) brings up the following :

“Those with the most severe health conditions or impairments and who cannot be expected to work will be in the Support Group and will not be affected by the introduction of time-limiting contribution-based Employment and Support Allowance.”

As the website makes clear, there is no intention whatsoever of removing this benefit from the most vulnerable (the young, terminally ill and those with mental health issues).

Coun Tony Morrissey, Conservative, Barnes Ward