Letters, Monday, November 5, 2012

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All’s not Wright with description

ALAN Wright’s letter (Echo, Oct 26) content had its ration of irrelevant piffle, but I will endeavour to reply to the answerable parts.

For example, Alan made me smile with his description of Mr Miliband as “a millionaire who preaches one nation politics, and operates class warfare at the same time”.

Confused? Yes, I was confused because Alan had described Prime Minister (we are all in this together) Cameron to a T.

Alan went on to mention his fellow fiction writer, Labour’s own Chris Mullin. Alan said Chris wrote in his diaries some tittle-tattle concerning what Gordon Brown is supposed to have said (yawn, snore). Alan must be naïve if he doesn’t know political diaries contain some previously private and confidential information to boost sales, which are low at the best of times.

Alan seems to have no idea of how the economy is run, with his remark “Mr Quinn claims the Coalition will borrow more in this Parliament than Labour did in 13 years in power”.

This does not sit with his previous claim that the Coalition is making swingeing cuts in public expenditure. Apparently unknown to Alan, his remarks illustrate what is wrong with the Government economy policy 
and why it has failed since day one.

There is no dispute that Labour left the Coalition a growing economy, with the advice, don’t cut too deep or too fast. It’s history now, how Chancellor George Osborne ignored the advice and instantly ravaged the economy down to its knees.

The damage he did to the nation destroyed jobs, squeezed living standards. As a consequence of all this we have high unemployment along with the increase in VAT. This has drastically reduced the Government’s tax revenue to the point where they are paying more money out than what comes in.

This is the reason, Alan, why your Government is borrowing more than Labour.

W. Quinn

Duke Street


Learn from history

DURING their strikes in the 1970s, I moaned and groaned about the miners just like everyone else. Remember the State of Emergency and three-day weeks? The power cuts and going to bed by candlelight?

 Grumble as much as you like, but coal mining is not a job 
I’d ever do, not in a million years – not even as a wartime Bevin Boy.

How desperate for men and boys in pit villages that this was the only work there was. Read George Orwell’s Road to Wigan Pier for a description of the hellish working conditions down the pit. Then ask, didn’t these men deserve every penny they got?

 Sadly the defeat of Ted Heath’s government in 1974 encouraged miners to think they’d beaten their old foe the Tories. But 10 years later the Iron Lady was waiting to take her revenge and the NUM walked into the trap she set.

 Recently I read “A History of Wales” which gives a good account of how mining families struggled to get a fair wage from the coal owners.

You feel like shouting at Baldwin, the Tory Prime Minster during the 1926 General Strike, why reduce the pay of desperately poor people? Why treat them as your enemies? Doesn’t coal, a natural resource, belong to all the people?

 I could never be a Conservative. They should hang their heads in shame.

Their victory over the miners in the 1980s was just plain vindictive. One Nation Tories? Not if you call whole working-class community the “enemy within” and go to war with them.

Henry Whipple,

Coach Road Estate,


He’s so vile

IF you took away the first two letters from Jimmy Savile’s surname what do you get “Vile”.

Enough said. I’m surprised the papers haven’t seen it.

Mr P Jackson

Nelson Court


Wake up SAFC

MAY I pass comment on last Tuesday night’s football game, when Sunderland took on Middlesbrough in the Capital One Cup?.

 Sunderland were pathetic. In fact, they weren’t even that good.

 I wonder if other supporters agree that our team consists mainly of has-been and nearly men.

 Wake up Sunderland Board and give us a team that the 40,000-odd supporters can be proud of.



Footballer Fred?

I would be very grateful if someone could clear up a query. I was employed in the lab at Newalls, Washington, in the early 1960s and Fred Hall was the lab manager.

I was told recently he played for SAFC in the 40s/50s. I’ve not been able to verify the fact but am fairly sure it’s true and would appreciate anyone who knows confirming it.

Ian Stewart