Letters, Monday, November 24, 2014

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Councillors have nothing to hide

ON behalf of the members of Hetton Town Council, I would like to respond to the letter from Frank Johnson (November 12), who has never attended one of our meetings.

 Mr Johnson took it upon himself to attack Labour councillors.

Ms Kay Rowham attends most meetings and is afforded the time to speak during the Public Participatory session, however, as an active member of UKIP, always attacks and presents a negative spin about any issue the council is examining. The only conclusion I fear I can come to is, that this is totally for political gain.

 For clarification, the Mayor actually needed to suspend the meeting due to unruly and abusive behaviour from another person who was present on the night, not due to the ongoing recording issue.

 Hetton Town Council (along with many other local councils throughout the UK) has introduced a policy procedure which will set out guidelines for filming and recording meetings. This policy will be of benefit to all those involved in the meeting.

 I can assure all residents of Hetton and district that their town council has nothing whatsoever to hide. I would invite any resident to come along to a council meeting to see their local council conduct all business in a correct and transparent manner working under nationally approved guidelines.

Councillor Keith Hepple JP,

Leader of Hetton Town Council

Financial disaster

THE residents of St Chad’s ward have recently received a leaflet from the Labour Party highly critical of the Coalition’s stewardship of the NHS.

 This from the party which introduced privatisation in the NHS in the early 2000s with Private Sector Treatment Centres.

 These were widely used in the North East and, in particular, Sunderland through the auspices of the Sunderland Teaching Primary Care Trust, of which the current Labour leader of the council was a non-executive director. These were seen as a financial disaster.

 Then, from the same body, came the decision to allow for-profit companies to tender to run GP practices, widely resisted by patient groups and again a financial disaster.

 These moves together with the Mid Staffordshire scandal and the ongoing mismanagement of the devolved Welsh NHS should be a constant reminder that when it comes to running and safeguarding the NHS, Labour has nothing to offer other than failure.

Keith O’Brien,

Middle Herrington

Excellent care

I WOULD like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Mr Green, surgeon, Dr Basker, anaesthetist, nurses in recovery, all nursing staff, domestic and kitchen staff on Ward 48 for the excellent care I received after my left knee replacement on October 18.

 I feel that they all should get the recognition they deserve, so once again, thanks a million to you all.

 You made my stay pleasant with your professionalism and cheerful, caring manner.

 You are all angels in disguise and a great asset to the NHS and your care was very much appreciated.  

 I am now on the road to recovery and start my physiotherapy this week.

Jimmy Broadbent,