Letters, Monday, November 18, 2013

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Honesty is needed for vote on Europe

IT is worrying how naively the British people have answered polls on leaving the European Union (or rather re-establishing our country, parliament and democracy).

 I suggest that if the true position were put to the British people in an honest way they would opt for their own country, parliament and democracy trading freely with our European friends. But that assumes that the question put to the electorate would be in the form of these alternative statements:

 “I want the UK to accept the renegotiated membership of the European Union” or “I want the UK to form a free trading self-governing relationship with the European Union” – put in two separate boxes at the same level on the ballot paper.

 Perhaps we can shame the manipulating Government into making that the alternative at the actual referendum if it ever takes place.

Rodney Atkinson

Honour a true fan

CONGRATULATIONS to Sunderland AFC Supporters’ Association stalwart George Forster on being recognised as a Sunderland Community Champion by Barclays Bank.

 This culminated in him receiving VIP treatment at the Stadium of Light on the day of the lads’ 2-1 victory over our nearest and not so dearest rivals from Tyneside.

 George is an incredibly loyal SAFC supporter who has devoted a huge chunk of his life to working (unpaid) at the SAFCSA – firstly, at Roker Park and, latterly, at their Monk Street premises in Monkwearmouth.

 He is also fantastic human being who always has time for everyone.

 I have lots of good memories of George, the highlight being when he sung every verse of The Lambton Worm on stage at Cardiff City Supporters’ Club to such effect that even the Welsh fans hollered for him to repeat it – which he did!

 Never mind statues of famous players at the stadium, there should be one of George – super fan indeed.

Tom Lynn

50 years of Dr Who

BBC television sci-fi series Doctor Who is celebrating its 50th birthday on Saturday.

 The late William Hartnell was the first Doctor. He stayed for three years, to be replaced by the second Doctor, played by the late Patrick Troughton.

 The very first colour transmission of Doctor Who featured Jon Pertwee. He was followed by Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, of Our Friends in the North fame, David Tennant and Matt Smith as the famous Time Lords.

 Two feature movies were made during the mid-sixties, Doctor Who and The Daleks and Daleks Invasion of Earth 2150 AD, made by Shepperton film studios, starring the late Peter Cushing.

 Eight hundred episodes were filmed in black and white before filming in colour began.

 The original theme music was played by the late Rob Grainer.

 Stars who have appeared in Doctor Who include Maurice Colbourne, George Sewell, Michael Jayston, John Cleese, Camille Coduri, Katy Manning, Caroline John, K-9, Tania Rogers, Joan Sims, Barrie Ingham, Derek Wave, the famous stunt man for Culloden and The War Game by Peter Watkins, Nicholas Courtney, Brian Cant, Ken Dodd and Bryan Mosley.

 Happy 50th birthday to Doctor Who – time travelling since 1963.

Terry Christie

Thanks for help

ON Monday, November 11, my dad fell on his way to buy his morning paper on Cleveland Road, just up from the chemist on Ormonde Street.

 On behalf of my dad, mam and family, I would sincerely like to thank the couple who stopped their car to help him up as he was unable to get up himself. Not only did they help him up, the lady also went and got his paper and then they drove him home.

 My dad didn’t get your names, but we are very grateful that you stopped to help.

 Thank you so much for your kindness.

Trish Sleep (Daughter)