Letters, Monday, November 10, 2014

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Are these traffic lights necessary?

SO the new Aldi at the junction of Thompson Road and Carley Road requires traffic lights.

 No surprise there then as the council proposes to install another set of lights at a crucial junction.

 In recent years our city has seen its main arteries being clogged up with lights, showing little regard for traffic disruption or the pollution caused through constant stop starting.

 Thompson Road handles an incredible amount of traffic but as the temporary lights, installed for road works at this same junction proves, it cannot cope with any additional stoppages.

 Traffic has been grid locked right back to Southwick Green and up to Newcastle Road.

 Worryingly, I sent an email to our council about this matter and received a reply saying any complaints about traffic lights would need to go to Newcastle Council.

 If Newcastle is running our city this would explain a lot of things, including the ineptitude of those who claim to represent Sunderland.

 All these lights are another example of the ‘nanny state’ removing our own judgement.

 I’m sure part of the driving test is the ability to negotiate a T junction, without lights.

Keith Wilkinson


We have become the forgotten city

HOW I agree with Mr Clark (Echo, November 1) that Sunderland trails behind Newcastle, and not just in the Premier League, though a decent result at the Stadium of Light could result in us having a Stadium of Delight.

 This city should be called Blunderland.

 The leisure centre drew people from surrounding areas to our city centre – now defunct. How many people with children would take two buses to the out of the way Aquatic Centre for swimming practice? Our great National Glass Centre is not easy to get to.

 The city centre has lots of empty shops and other areas are run down.

 Millfield lost a bank and a post office and with them other good small shops. Many are closed down eyesores. Millfield streets are full of potholes and bad road surfaces.

 However, the mini governments known as councils are excellent at claiming expenses. One Sunderland councillor has had to resign over his excessive £26,000 expenses over two years.

 Our chief executive gets £225,000 a year for his success in running down this once great city.

 Blunderland is rarely mentioned on radio, television or newspapers, it really is the forgotten city.

Majorie Matthews

Can anyone help?

I WAS wondering if someone would be able to help with some information?

 I am originally from Hendon in Sunderland but live in the Durham area now.

 I know this is a bit of a long shot,but I would like to know if anyone in the Sunderland area has lived near 176 Canon Cockin Street in the mid 1950s.

 I would like some information regarding a certain subject.

 My phone number is 0191 649 8471 and I can be contacted any time.

Ann Richardson