Letters, Monday, May 6, 2014

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Newsletter only comes in Spring

SPRING has sprung! You can’t tell by the increase in temperature or the greening of the leaves on the boughs – no, it is the arrival in Millfield Ward of the Lesser Spotted Lib Dem Focus newsletter! Lesser spotted that is, at any other time of the year and only visible in the weeks preceding the Local May elections.

 This didn’t used to be the case in the time of Win Lundgren, Phil Hanmer, Mark Greenfield and Tom Thirkell. In those days, the Liberals were a purer species and the newsletter could be seen fluttering on to doormats throughout the year and they were proud of it – but the disastrous mating ritual resulting in the ConDem Government has caused a hybrid that is both ugly and rank! This newsletter tries to score points by highlighting a number of issues that – seemingly unknown to its editor Brian Robson – are already being ably dealt with by our competent team of Labour councillors: Iain Kay, Bob Price and Lynda Scanlan. A team who are out in all weathers tackling the issues within the whole of Millfield ward, not just Thornholme and Eden Vale that this Focus newsletter is addressed to. I am not an armchair voter. I get along to ward meetings and resident association meetings when I can to hear the issues being discussed and I also know that if I have a problem and contact my councillors, I will get a very prompt reply, usually by email the same day.

 Unfortunately it was always the case that the Liberals, although well-meaning, were ineffectual in a council largely made up of Labour councillors, whereas now we have Labour councillors who, being part of the majority, have the power to get things done –and if Bryan Robson thinks we are going to give up this ability, I’m afraid he has another thing coming.

 I used to be a member of the Liberal Party but I will never again vote for this ConDem shower in either local or national elections, and I suspect after seeing the results of recent national bi-elections, the majority of voters are with me. I would ask Mr Robson, therefore, to please resist the urge to continue with the Lesser Spotted Lib Dem Focus newsletter and save a tree, as we prefer our Labour Party councillors, who work to get things done throughout the ward and throughout the year instead of just picking fault where, quite frankly, there is none!

A Labour voter,

name and address supplied.

Keeping in touch

BACK in the late 1920s, my grandfather’s family migrated from Sunderland to Australia.  

 As his grandchildren, we knew Grandpa to be a little different because of his odd accent and his sometimes weird terminology.

 In a way that was also difficult to understand, he worshipped from afar a team in red and white that incomprehensibly wanted to kick around a round ball – at a time when we all thought that the only kind of football was the oval kind of Australian Rules.

 Since then, largely due to the repeated hospitality of my Sunderland relatives, I have developed a strong affinity with both my Grandpa’s home town and its football team.

 Therefore, it was with great pride that I learnt yesterday morning that Sunderland AFC had managed to defeat Manchester United – thus, most likely, avoiding the dismal prospect of relegation.

 Many thanks to the Sunderland Echo, through its website, for allowing me to remain in touch with my grandfather’s legacy.

Gary Morton,

Via e-mail