Letters, Monday, May 6, 2013

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Cut the number of city councillors

I SUGGEST the number of city councillors be reduced to two per ward, instead of the present three.

 This would allow a large saving in expenses and allowances, in these times of austerity. Half the council would be elected for four years, every two years, and no boundaries would need to be changed.

 The amount of councillors’ allowances and payments could also be frozen for the next couple of years.

Mr M Lathan,

Newcastle Road,

Bus pass renewal

I AM writing to say that I am disgusted with the new system of renewing bus passes.

 Mine had expired and my new one had not arrived. I got on the bus and explained the situation to the driver, but as my old one had expired I had to pay full price.

 This is not acceptable, new passes should be received before the old one expires.

Jen Mac


Marvellous cycling

THE death of Mrs Thatcher has coincided with the 50th anniversary of Dr Beeching’s decimation of the railways.

 Two great thinkers of the 20th century, one who decimated the railways and one who decimated all industry in the North East.

 Both are lauded yet both of them never gave any thought or a care to what their actions would lead to in the future.

 Will these two be remembered for their destruction or the fact they left behind some fantastic cycle routes stretching from coast to coast?

Ged Taylor,


The lovely Jennifer

JENNIFER Saunders was born on Sunday, July 6, 1958, in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, and she made her debut on Channel Four’s The Comic Strip Presents Five Go Mad in Dorset, followed by Girls on Top, The Young Ones, French and Saunders, Absolutely Fabulous, Roseanne, Friends, Let Them East Cake, Jam and Jerusalem, In The Bleak Mid Winter, Red Nose Day 2009, Fable, Blandings, Mirrorball, Queen of the East and the Lenny Henry Show.

 She formed a great comedy partnership with Dawn French.

 Jennifer married the actor Adrian Edmondson on Saturday, May 11, 1985 in Cheshire.

 She worked with stars such as Ben Elton, Clive Anderson, Nigel Planer, Alexei Sayle, Rik Mayall, Joanna Lumley, Jane Horrocks, June Whitfield, Kermit the Frog, Frank Oz, Ruby Wax, the late Joan Greenwood, Kim Cattrall, Victoria Wood, Simon Callow, John Cleese and Sally Phillips. I won’t forget the beautiful, original, British actress icon who is the lovely Jennifer Saunders.

Terry Christie,

East Herrington

Still envy of world

I READ the letter in the Echo on April 25 about the “dreadful food” at Sunderland Royal Hospital.

 I broke my wrist nearly two years ago and was in Ward D42 for one week.

 I enjoyed every meal and the care I had was wonderful. As a retired nurse, I despair of the way the NHS is treated. We are still the envy of a lot of the world.

Eileen Cartmell,

High Barnes