Letters, Monday, May 28th, 2012

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Men are getting raw deal from the BBC

I WOULD just like to say how disgusted I am with the sexist BBC as they continue their anti-man policy.

For many years the BBC have been reducing the amount of men’s television and a few months ago they cut the funding for late-night television.

The BBC have now announced Top Gear will not be shown this autumn because it would have been up against ITV’s X Factor. There will be a Christmas Special and Top Gear (so they say) will return next year. They repeat the same show anyway, so why not just move it to a different day?

ITV also show less male television but at least they have to chase advertising money so that goes some way to explain what television ITV make for viewers.

Why are men expected to pay for a full television licence when the BBC clearly discriminates against male viewers and gives us very little value for money? As a disabled man I have little choice at times but to watch what is shown on television and what the BBC passes for morning, afternoon and evening television.

I have written twice to the BBC about their obvious discrimination against male viewers without a reply and was wondering if the Echo readers had written to the BBC and got a reply to any of their letters.

Philip Thompson, Sunderland

Repetition – again

I HAVE been reading Mick Brown’s recent letters and his missive about the buskers hit the head on the nail about their abysmal playing that reminds me of the old show “Name That Tune”.

At the moment of typing I have failed to recognise one tune even though there are many “players” in our once fair city.

However ,Mick then penned a letter (May 21) about his use of public transport and his subsequent puchase of a “jag”, which I presume is the shortened name of the infamous Trabant Jagstaag.

Now buses, which I totally rely on as I live out in the sticks and am bad at walking these days, are welcome and I tend to not listen to “old dears” going on at babies, bless them.

I then noticed that it was a letter that was almost the same as a previous letter of his, written not many moons earlier.

On the other hand, as I recently perused through my personal archives, I myself came across a letter that I sent into the Echo about public toilets circa 1996, and blow me down if I did not repeat the letter, albeit slightly different, the gist of it was the same in your Letters Page dated Tuesday, December 16, 2008.

The old memory is going.

Alan “The Quill” Vincent, Old Penshaw

Charity’s thanks

MAY I, through your column, thank the generous people of Sunderland who so kindly supported the work of Sunderland and North Durham Royal Society for the Blind through their donations at our bag-packing event at Marks and Spencer on Saturday, May 19.

We are delighted to have raised £430 from the collection.

May I also publicly thank the staff from Marks and Spencer for granting us permission to collect in the store and for all of the encouragement they gave to our volunteers.

Richard Wood, Executive officer, Sunderland and North Durham Royal Society for the Blind, Foyle Street, Sunderland

Messy problem

I AM writing to you so that I can say to all of those irresponsible dog owners: pick your dog’s muck up and put it in a bin that is provided in the streets or take it home and put it in you own bin. This is up at High Barnes.

I am a responsible dog owner. I carry paper and sometimes bags, but I always, always pick up my dog’s muck. I don’t like to see it on the streets, outside houses or, in some cases in gardens. Some people have had this happen to them.

I don’t like the idea that some people bang on windows or come outside and tell you to pick it up, like a naughty school kid.

I can’t take my dog in the park because he’s nervous of people and it gets busy, so I can only take him where it is not so bad and that is around the streets. A problem caused by a previous owner, by the way.

So when you see responsible owners, don’t class them like the irresponsible ones because it’s literally getting a dog a bad name.

The council should get someone to go round the streets and back lanes in a van or car on a regular basis to catch these people. If this is going to cost too much, they will have to come up with a solution then, won’t they?

It’s going to get where you won’t be able to take your dog for a walk shortly.

B. Crute, Cleveland Road, High Barnes, Sunderland