Letters, Monday, May 18, 2015

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Crem folder is a disgrace

I’ve just visited Sunderland Crematorium to pay respect to my late wife Lisa (Alicia) and I was disgusted to find that the book which people leave their thoughts in was no longer a book but a folder, loose plain paper to write on, with no holes punched in to enable you to place in the folder.

Considering everything else at the crem is very clean and well presented, which it should be, of course, to be greeted by a ‘mickey mouse’ file to write your message in is an insult to the people of Sunderland.

Considering the amount of money people have to pay for this service you would think that the cost of a ‘proper’ book for your thoughts wouldn’t be to much to ask.

I’ve spoken to the council and the response was that it’s not for messages and thoughts for your loved ones but how you feel about the crem in general, but they did say they would investigate.

I’ve been going there for the past 13 years and never had to write in anything that was so disrespectful to peoples loved ones.

Bob Graham

address supplied

Restore faith in our parties

Now that the election is over would it be possible for Julie Elliott, our local Labour councillor, who retained her seat with a resounding majority, to follow up her campaign, which was also in the Labour Party’s Manifesto, and ban the use of zero-hour contracts at all places of employment which are controlled by the local Labour council.

 One of these places is the Port of Sunderland, which is owned by the council and is currently using this method of employment.

 When you are not on a full hours contract you are limited to the benefits you can claim, you also find it impossible to get a mortgage or loan.

 It would be nice if Julie Elliott followed through with her promise. It would put a lot of faith back into a profession that has been tarnished over the years with a lot of broken promises.

 This is one promise that need not be broken but I won’t hold my breath.

S Greener,


Thanks for project help

Lakeside and District Neighbourhood Watch would like to thank all the Lakeside tenants who donated to the Box Youth Project, based in Hall Farm in Sunderland.

 The project is collection items for its Gambia project.

 The items donated by Lakeside tenants will go along way to helping the Gambian people who are struggling in their everday lives.

 We wish the project the very best of luck with all that they hope to achieve.

Tony Kinnair, chairman,

George Brewis, secretary, Alan Wright, treasurer, Lakeside NE