Letters, Monday, May 11, 2015

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Bus colours are assault on senses

IT’S quite possible I could be missing the point here, and failing (completely), to see the bigger picture, but has Go North East got some sort of branding issue?

 The reason I ask, is that in the ‘old days’, all its buses were red and therefore instantly recognisable.

 An object lesson in branding some might say.

 Now, we have what can only be described as, well, Joseph’s Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat of a fleet in operation, to the extent that you could easily be forgiven for flagging down the oncoming ice cream van or passing bin lorry.

 In theory, of course, I can see that having ‘sub brands’ operating on different routes, might have some merit.

 The problem, of course, arises when for whatever reason you need to haul them off one route to work another.

 The upshot of which can mean that in the space of half an hour, we get the Drifter, followed swiftly by the Fabfiftysix and Fast Cats all operating the same route and service number. Confused yet? Don’t worry, you soon will be.

 Arriva on the other hand has managed to by-pass this potential problem by keeping the same corporate colours, or an approximation, and standardising the entire fleet. Plain and simply – “Yes, definitely a bus”.

 Is there really any need, I wonder, to assault the senses and keep the paint sprayers on overtime, at the travelling public’s expense?

K Charnock,

Dalton Park

Pleasure to see work in city centre

THANKS to everyone who is responsible for the improvement to our city centre.

 There is much progress taking place around the Vaux site and it looks better without the Crowtree Leisure Centre.

 Travelling by Metro from Park Lane, it is a pleasure for me to see the trees being planted and the start of building work.

 It has proved to be a wise decision not to let Tesco build on the Vaux site because the store is now in decline.

 As I walk alongside the Tesco to get to the Stadium of Light metro station, I think what an ugly building the new Tesco is, but I find consolation in the fact that it does not stand in a prominent position in the city centre.

John Watson,


Right royal bunch

NORMALLY, I avoid anything to do with the Royal family, but I thought I’d give the special supplement in Thursday’s Echo a look. There’s no argument over the paternity of William’s children as they are the spit and dabs of their father.

 When I got to the end of the supplement it had pictures of the royals with their kids throughout the years.

 This lot could have been any family from the Jeremy Kyle show, most of them ended up divorced, at least one was a bankrupt,and last but not least all of them are on benefits.

Ged Taylor


It’s a bin dilemma

AS a strict environmentalist, I am appalled by the lack of respect the public give to the stringent rules regarding the green and blue bins.

 I have seen people putting food and grass cuttings in the blue bin, while I have also seen folk putting cardboard and empty shoe boxes in the brown garden bin.

 These people don’t seem so have the wit to follow the instructions that are labelled on the bins or is it that they simply cannot be bothered?

Mick, The Pen, Brown