Letters, Monday, March 9, 2015

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Alarming growth in immigration

UK IMMIGRATION continues to rise at an alarming rate and the Liberal Democrats treat it like a summer breeze. “No doubt it will stop soon” or “where would the NHS be without it?” you hear members preach.

 We all know and appreciate that the NHS benefits from immigrant workers but it does not naturally follow that Britain should allow anyone and everyone entry to this small island because some very good doctors came here from India.

 Cameron said sack me if I don’t get the numbers down to tens of thousands, and we know that Labour loves immigration because all the economic refugees will eventually vote for them.

 No doubt Cameron will get what he asked for because more than 600,000 immigrants arrived here last year – that’s enough to fill Southampton twice. The Conservatives reaction to this avalanche is to actually look for plaudits for their handling of the economy which, they say, made our country so attractive to the visitors.

 On the other hand 300,000 Brits packed up, withdrew their savings, and left in what has been described as a brain drain.

 Clearly the EU’s policy of free movement is intended to reduce the hard won standards of advanced nation states, to a level somewhere between Poland and Romania, and when that is achieved no one will want to come here anyway. At this rate it will not take long.

 Despite lengthening queues for treatment and our youth unemployment problems, over crowded classrooms and a higher percentage of crime among immigrants, not to mention the erosive effect cheap foreign labour has on wages here, there is an insane liberal tendency to claim that it is immoral to regulate immigration.

 Not to worry, the Liberals wanted to adopt the Euro didn’t they?

Denis Gillon

Shop support has been amazing

I WOULD like to thank the many people of Sunderland who have been supporting the work of Sunderland and North Durham Royal Society for the Blind by shopping in our nearly new charity shop in Waterloo Place, in the city centre.

 The shop has proved to be most successful in raising thousands of pounds towards our work.

 I would also like to thank the many people who have donated items to sell.

 The quality of goods has been excellent and many customers have commented on the quality of stock on sale.

 We are constantly in need of new stock and would be very grateful for offers of clothing, furniture, bric-a-brac, toys, books, household goods etc. We are able to collect items if necessary.

 All the funds raised go towards the provision of services for local blind and partially sighted people.

 The shop is managed by a team of volunteers enabling the proceeds to go directly towards the society’s work.

Richard Wood,

Executive Office,

Sunderland and North Durham Royal Society for the Blind,

Foyle Street,


Helping hand with disability payments

SHOCKING news about Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to PIP (Personal Independence Payments).

 Independent figures have shown that up to 40 per cent of DLA claimants could lose their entitlement to PIP once they are moved onto the new benefit. Even if you have a life-long award of DLA you are not exempt from the new laws.

 Do you need help with your PIP pack, or are you facing the uncertainty of a tribunal for DLA or PIP and need help?

 If so, please, give Welfare Aid a ring on 01429 838 121 for free personal advice on what you should do, and how to be prepared for the uncaring changes.

H Grady,

Welfare Aid