Letters, Monday, March 5th, 2012

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Consult tenants over garages

WELL the towers at Lakeside are now finished. Now we come to the garages – 74 of them.

Renovations start at the end of March. Parking at Lakeside is a nightmare. People are parking on pavements and grass verges as it is. They have no choice. They quite rightly expect to park where they like.

I would like anyone at the council, Gentoo or our local councillor to tell the residents what’s going to happen when there are 74 extra cars. Nobody is interested. Why? Because they don’t live here. Why try and help people if it doesn’t affect you? That seems to be life these days, unfortunately.

Has anybody been and looked and thought: “This will be mayhem. We had better rethink this”? Of course not. It doesn’t affect them.

We have asked for two or three garages to be done at a time. Health and safety! People will be prisoners in their own homes. They won’t dare go out in case they can’t get back. Ninety per cent of residents are pensioners, some not in good health – that’s why they live here. Where do you want them to park – on the private estate? They won’t like that.

What about Farringdon or Silksworth? I’m sure the people in charge of this would love a 20-minute walk to park their cars. What about family, carers, nursers, doctors and meals on wheels? Where will they park? Or will they not come at all? What about health and safety then, or will you wait until something happens and then have an article in the Echo saying how sorry you are?

Somebody, somewhere should listen to the tenants and not surmise what we want. Try listening to us. We live here, not you.

Carol Duffy, Amalfi Tower, Lakeside, Sunderland

Disturbing action

WHEN Councillor Florence Anderson “liked” the comment appealing to the IRA to find it in their hearts to bomb the next Tory Party Conference, this was posted on her facebook where it showed she was a member of Sunderland City and Hetton Town Council.

This is a most disturbing action from a supposed mature servant of the people. Where is her unbiased discernment, balanced judgement and high calibre that is needed as a politician to take high office and the honour to serve the people?

What does her action show to our men and women serving in the armed forces today, and who at this moment risk their very lives for county and people? I know this only too well, having two sons who served in the RAF.

What does her action say to all the murdered, maimed and grieving civilians who have, and still suffer at the hands of terrorists?

This episode has much damaged not only local government and people, but indeed reflects badly on the British people and national government, whether the government is Labour, Conservative or Coalition.

L. Hudson, Newriggs, Fatfield

Linda is right

I HAVE to disagree with the latest correspondence from some of the Echo readers regarding the negativity of Linda Colling’s column when writing about our town – yes, town!

It pains me to say that it could be me writing that column. Linda has the same views as to what is happening here in Sunderland, as myself and, I am sure, many other readers.

The town centre is a very depressing place to be. The council is not making the most of our assets, namely the seafront and surrounding areas.

When I look back to my childhood in Sunderland, I remember a bustling town centre, a colourful, busy seafront, tidy, well-kept council estates and families with both a mother and father to come home to.

No one shopped in their pyjamas, used foul language in front of all and sundry and they had respect for themselves and others.

Before anyone thinks I’m some disgruntled old fogey, I was a teenager in the 60s, so I’m not exactly one of the “good old days” brigade.

It’s a sad fact that a lot of what Linda writes is very true and I’m sure, like me, she would love to be able to write something positive about our once great town, but lots of things will need to change before that’s likely to happen

Mrs J. Ingram, Sunderland

Foreign investment

BBC1 News and Regional News (February 14) – 60 different foreign firms/companies have come to Sunderland and no one knows why, since Sunderland became a city.

Ask the ex-miners and the ex-shipyard workers. They will tell you because the government of the day was not prepared to subsidise our own industries. However, it was prepared to subsidise foreign firms or, to put it another way, bribe them.

R. Tomlinson, Seaham